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…and now we label concerned parents as domestic terrorists and torture political prisoners.
We need to clean up our own house before we worry about someone else’s.

And we release the real criminals from prison while we keep the parents, dissenters and protesters locked inside.

“The cost of energy in Europe has been soaring this year due to low levels of gas storage, tight supplies from Russia and lower output from clean energy sources, in part because of weak wind speeds. Some 26 retail energy companies have gone bust since August.[quote=“erth, post:1, topic:9650, full:true”]
Ratification of the comprehensive investment agreement between EU and China suspended. China says US pressure behind this.”

“Proponents of the North Sea industry argue that the Government could boost Britain’s energy security by granting permission for more domestic oil and gas drilling. About 10 licenced North Sea projects are expected to be up for development approval and final investment decisions in next year, but are likely to draw opposition from climate change activists.”

I’ll just leave this here.

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N Korea has conducted 4 weapons tests in the last month. Remember when they had stopped testing?

This is more along the lines of international non-cooperation.
Putin can do what he pleases in Ukraine. There is zero will when it comes to opposing him. Maybe some soft-peddle sanctions he won’t care about. He cares about actions, not words.

Note that due in part to Germany’s disastrous decision to scrap their nuke plants they as dependent on Russian fossil fuels as a babe suckling from his mother.

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Germans forget how much the Russians hate them. Russia could take all of Europe and the US would be impotent. The Europeans wouldn’t resist or would ineffectively resist like France in 1940. Unless the US nukes the Russians they can do what they want.

Isn’t part of the reason for all this is lack of war preparedness in Europe and relying solely on NATO to rescue them from external conflict or aggression. One thing I remember Trump used to say is that Europe did not contribute (money/finances) well to NATO but expects NATO to be around when need comes.
So, whether through NATO or directly, the buck stops at the USA (for some reason, which I do not quite understand).

Has United States remained a strong moral force in the world? The largest export out of the United States to the world in the recent years have been the wired leftist ideas. And that is why we are seeing rise of resistance to the new Leftist United States and decline of moral strength of the USA

Moral strength? You’re forgetting our greatest export - Hollywood.
Oh wait…

Why single out Hollywood when the likes of New York Times, Washington Post and CNN inflict far more bigger damage to the image of America among international community.

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Meanwhile, he appears content to sit back and watch it happen. I’m so glad we don’t have a president that’s a puppet of the Russian government. Oh wait…

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It’s a total lack of leadership across US and Europe.
Putin is smart; He knows Angela (merkel) is retired, Biden is bumbling, Macron is clueless and that Europe needs his gas. You’ll have to hand it to Putin for great timing.

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We’ve also made gas more expensive by cutting fracking due to environmental concerns.

I cannot recall where. But, I read somewhere that Germany is preparing a case to quit NATO.
What I am seeing is that international institution (like UN, NATO, WB/IMF etc) that were created following the end of WW2 are loosing ability influence what is happening in the world.

US-Canada bridge closed.