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More amazing stuff happening:

@manch shouldn’t the federal government be doing this?

I’m not surprised that scrolling a few pages of links results in ZERO “impartial” national news outlets covering it. I guess they’re too focused on more “important” topics.

Ann-Marie Slaughter is very left leaning; she was Hillary’s right hand at the State Department. This is her take on Israel and the Palestinians. She says what others are afraid to say.
Do Israelis and Palestinians Inhabit the Same World? by Anne-Marie Slaughter - Project Syndicate

This isn’t good.

Don’t worry. I’m sure Biden can’t remember where Venezuela is. It’ll be fine. I find it amazing how aggressive countries are getting as they realize our President is useless.

I always find it hard to believe how much military hardware a country can have when it’s people are so poor and faced with so many shortages they can’t buy TP.
I remember when Pakistan exploded its first A-bomb. There was a picture in a story about it showing a Pakistani smiling with pride. He hardy had any teeth in his mouth.

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There’s a reason the citizens are so poor. All the value from the county goes to the politicians.