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Glad to come over from the redfin forum, and thanks for creating this community.


Hello everyone, how about we all pick some good pictures as our headshot? It’d be more fun, first and foremost. It’d also help to tell who’s who right on the home page next to topics.


Hi everyone. I am a long-time reader of the Redfin Bay Area forum. I only posted once or twice and I can’t even remember what username I used…but I will try to be more active in this new forum. I really enjoy the discussions, though I don’t tend to follow “who is who,” more so the content. I own a condo in San Francisco and am in process of buying another.



Welcome Lulu,

Please keep posting. New POVs are welcomed.

Spoiler alert or Content warning: my humorous wit or lack of ahead

Personally I’m appalled at your inability to tell us apart. How can that’s be? Just because we are addicted to real estate, stress over stock pricing, promote personal winning strategies and obsess over schools among other things doesn’t mean we can’t be differentiated. We are special and difererent to the extent that many of us are likely labeled with special snowflake syndrome. :grinning:


Because you guys don’t have nice avatars!! :wink:


Haha. Yes the avatars are a big help!

Fwiw, from Redfin forums the two personalities I got a sense of were buyinghouse and elt1…


I think buyinghouse has yet to join us. He probably needs some time to get over his Grumpiness. Perhaps after the elections.


That may depend on who gets elected.


Maluka here from the redfin forum. Long time lurker and occasional poster. Southbay hi-tech worker for 20 years and I own a few rental properties. Learned a lot from all the postings in the redfin forum and now this one (thanks manch for keeping the gang together), and it was great to meet the many personalities besides the knowledge part. Will continue to lurk and occasionally post.

Happy to see all!


Please tell us roughly where are your properties and comment on the Campbell, Santa Clara and San Jose thread.


My rentals are in SF and Oakland, where there is strong rent control. I only invest for the benefit of my tenants. :slight_smile:

My previous home was in Milpitas. I moved and sold it near the peak in 2006. It went down then came back up but I always thought it’s not that much higher than where I sold until a week ago I saw an exact same house (with fewer updates) sold for over 1 million (about 40% higher than when I sold in 2006). I told wife and she was equally shocked.

The moral of the story is I really don’t know much about the south bay market, otherwise I should’ve kept my previous house (I bought it at roughly half of the current price).


Prices in South Bay move in tandem regardless of neighborhood and cities. All up by 40-50% from ATH.


If Trump wins Buyinghouse and I are moving to Guatamalea


Ok, so if that is the case, why wouldn’t you buy in the relatively cheapest areas of the South Bay then? Less buy in ante…


Now then I know. Also, I’m not into land lording :slight_smile:


With each occuring terrorist event, he gains strength unfortunately…


Not sure this would encourage folks who are new to the South Bay. Hope it can be used as a reference.

2002 - A family of four came to South Bay, household income slightly above $100k per annum. Rent a 3Br/2Ba duplex.
2003 - Bought a 1200 sqft 2Br/1.5Ba townhouse.
2007 - Sold the townhouse. Bought a 3Br/2Ba SFH.
2011 - Bought a 4Br/3Ba SFH. Household income slightly below $200k per annum.
2015 - Price too high, so can’t buy anything. Waiting for price to drop.


HI everyone, this is wuqijun from the redfin forums. Nice job Manch! You’ve done a good job :slight_smile:


Welcome wuqijun…You and Hanera, a great team on long term investors, either stocks or real estate…