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:frowning: I hope Season 4 gets better for you :frowning:


Thanks Terri! I gave up saying it can’t get worse. But it is getting better.


Get well soon @nanomug! We are all rooting for you! :muscle:


Season 4 opens when nano flunks the EKG needed for foot surgery. A cardio stress test was needed and since the normal treadmill version couldn’t be used a chemically induced test version was required.

Two months later nano passes the test and the cardiologist actually said “stupid EKG.” Food surgery has not been rescheduled as a trip to Portland with the oldest and a trip to to D.C.with hubby who was renewed for season 4.

Hubby has narrowed cognitive abilities. Vast amounts of info is missing. He is doing great at work and if you met him you would like him. Last week the youngest finally moved the rest of her stuff out along with a tv I gave her. This required a new TV. Hubby was out of town speaking at a conference and I had everything connected and set up upon his return. Not my favorite thing to do crawling around in awkward spaces. Hubby said to tell the oldest thanks for doing such a good job. He couldn’t wrap his head around that I did it. He doesn’t remember my mad tech skills.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and taking on a consulting job with a medical school and teaching hospital in how to include bedside manner within existing curriculum along with in service trading for doctors and staff. All those horrid meetings I rolled my eyes at. This teaches me for getting mad at the doctor who told me that I must calm down when I was in extreme pain. He got fired. I got offered a job. This keeps me at home base. Rather than take the consulting job in Boston which felt more exciting because it was far far away.

Season 4 ends with nano’s thumbs separating from her hand adding that extra thing to arthritis. Splints and injections to ward off surgery. My foot and hand doctors are BFFs with my primary and sometimes they act like 13 year old girls. Their office staff have a betting pool on which is the cutest. All the funnier watching role reversal in gender objectification.


Glad husband is around for season four, but what is “Narrowed cognitive abilities”? Is that you told him something, but he forgot?

LOL about your hand/foot/primary doctors. Actually, that sounds like a book by Dr. Seuss.


Season 4 for Terri:

Made the decision to drop inlaws out of the househunting process, and had a long talk with hubby about not letting his parents run our lives. Sets us back $100K, but maybe marriage will improve without them interfering in our life. :frowning: Not sure hubby is mentally able to let go of their “help” though.

Waiting for Hubby’s company to IPO before we think about buying again. Backup plan is to move–possibly out of state–next summer (2018 is when DS1 would go to high school, and DS3 would transfer schools if we can get her in to DS2’s school, so it’s the best time to move unless we want to disrupt someone’s high school experience). Really bummed if that’s what we have to do.

Going to try to start a small business as soon as I can get stuff off my plate (school auction is finally over and I’ve made it clear that I won’t do it again next year), but dreaming of flipping houses if I had the cash… Maybe if the business takes off, I’ll shove the extra money into flipping houses in RWC.


Which state(s) are you considering?


I don’t know… :frowning: Would need to be Tech centers… Husband loves Boston and we have a lot of friends there, but I hate the weather, and frankly a lot of other things about the place. Austin and Seattle would make sense, but also worried about the weather and we don’t know many people there. Someone suggested Portland. Don’t know anyone there. He has family and friends in DC, but I don’t know what the opportunities are commercially (he’s not a government worker kind of guy). Raleigh Durham might make sense but we don’t know anyone there. He’s nixed Chicago and St. Louis.

There are no good options that we’re both happy with. :frowning: I’m really hoping it’ll work out here.