Investing: Rental Property Or REIT


Invest in both. Like you eat both meat and veggies.



Where does bitcoins fit in?



@manch, which brokerage is giving you margin loan with interest lower than mortgage? Fidelity charges 8% interest.


Interactive Brokers.


Thanks. Will check them out.


Does Interactive Brokers’ IRA accounts offer forex trading? I’ve been trying to find one without jumping through hoops.


Short answer: Forex? :scream:

Long answer: I don’t know.


How come this way? Your AAPL is within 30% only?




Whatever I heard simple thumb rules is

Age % = Bonds,

100 - Age % = Stocks

Example, 70 years old means 70% bonds, 30% stocks.


Thanks @Jil, but can you trade forex with IB’s IRA account? I don’t see this specifically mentioned anywhere on the web site (I’m assuming the link you shared is for the regular brokerage account). I’ve been trying to find one for the longest time. Not too impress with Oanda’s platform. I miss FXCM…


How do you sleep at night trading Forex? It’s traded around the clock…


Just for info only. I don’t follow any models because I don’t have bonds.


I haven’t been too active in 2017 from a forex perspective but 2016 was great due to Brexit. It’s all about expectations on central bank rate decisions. You don’t need to stare at it 24/7.


You can call the IB people. I did once and they have been pretty responsive.


I think you can. I remember it when I setup my IRA account with them. I haven’t traded forex though.

OK, who owns 30% bonds? Raise your hand.


With crypto coins jumping up and down, why trade fx?