Investment properties with pool

Most likely people here do not own investment properties with pools, but if you have had any experience, can you share what additional insurance costs associated with owning such properties? In hotter areas, I would think that having pool makes it easier to rent out.

Personally, I would be really worried about the liability potential.

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Didn’t own pools for any Austin properties, liability issue. Not worth it.


Pools are a negative for landlords

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Thank you all.

my director boss bought one with pool, he initially thought just put dirt to cover it up, but later he found out way more than that. Like you can’t drain all the water from the pool or it might cause foundation issue. Now he has to pay big chunk of money to remove it right.

I do not know how I missed your post!

I owned investment property with pool, had horrible experiences

  1. Liability issue, children , pets… etc with pool.

  2. You need maintain pool, otherwise city fine you. Monthly min $150 for pool professionals or you need maintain.

3.Equipment wear and tear, maintenance cost easy $150x12 for an year

4.Above all, tenant step on your carpet or wood floor water soaking…every move out you would spent huge money. I spent one time $5000 to make it move in.

5.Fed up with all such hassles, I finally paid $10000 removed pool. Now, no hassle.

Never buy a rental with pool. If you buy, you first remove pool and then rent it


Pool As a Service is the way to go. Nobody should have a pool in the backyard, it’s a huge waste of resources

Pool is an asset for Luxury homes such is in Atherton or Hillsborough or Bigger/wealthier home as they like privacy and affordability.

I would agree …its the one thing that gave me pause from buying investment rentals in AZ where almost every house has a pool or renters expect it at the minimum