Is it a deal for big builders or white elephant?

This has 254 acres !

The question is how much of it is buildable?

254 acres, easy for 100+ homes, but lot of development cost involved, bringing utility, roads etc. City/County makes the builder to pay for that free! Big Corporate builders can buy.

I wouldn’t bet on a subdivision, unless you want get involved in local politics. .Probably ag zoning…only one house allowed…A lot of money for fallow land and a zero walk score…maybe put in some vineyards and get a healthy tax loss…

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The reason I asked the question is the land in that area is very hilly. There may not be more than one good building site.

Go check out Belmont. Houses on cliff like hills with the garages over the bedrooms.

It is not about topography, It is about zoning and politics. …Counties are still insisting on ag zoning in the urban BA


I read this for winary tax side, but have no clue where is the healty tax loss like depreciation?

I am just trying to see the wineyard tax benefit for WVVI (Oregan Based public company). This winery is tiny cap around 40M. They were $5M level in 2008 ($2/share), but they are now $40M ($8/share).

Even my places ,MH & Gilroy, are famous for wineries. They have 37 wineries ranking next to Napa !

I was being ironic…The old adage is if you want to make a small fortune in the wine business start with a large fortune. …lol

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Nancy Pelosi has a huge vineyard up in Napa I think…

Nancy was born rich, married well and should retire to her vineyard after her checkered political career. .Along with DiFi, who wants a become the oldest senator

I think you need at least a 10M net worth to afford a vineyard. It’s a money drain.

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Nancy has several homes and a net worth close to $200m…Her vineyard grosses $5k/year…Probably costs $100k/y plus depreciation. .the vineyard property is 16 acres…tiny but big on tax losses…

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