Is it a good idea to farm area with low turnover?

Almost everyone suggests farming an area with high turn over rate. So I did this in my area, but noticed that a lot of others are doing the same… Yes I did notice for sale signs in what felt like every other block. But it seemed very competitive. I would see stacks of business cards and door hangers when I went door knocking from many other agents (I was door knocking right before covid, when I just got into real estate)…
So I’m wondering… would it be a good idea to farm an area with low turnover rate? I’d like to farm my neighborhood which has a low turn over rate. I rarely see business cards, door hangers, or any mailers or even door knocking (pre covid). But I also don’t see too many for sale signs, only a few through out the area.
Anyway, is there any advice or insight that a fellow realtor may have? I appreciate it in advance, and maybe we can exchange contacts for potential referrals. Thanks! :slight_smile: