Is it too easy to obtain an emotional support animal prescription?

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The Deseret News decided to see how hard it would be to get an emotional support animal letter online without having a particular need (or even owning an animal). Reporter Erica Evans went after the cheapest option she could find easily: a website which offers airline and housing recommendation forms for $79.

The website advertises “Live and fly with your pet legally and hassle free,” and boasts 30,000 happy customers nationwide. She started filling out the form, but got interrupted after inputting only basic information, including her name and phone number. No worries; within a half hour the company called her, though she hadn’t completed the online intake.

This crap is going too far.

No surprise really. Same thing with dope.
I worry more about the truly crazy who actually can’t function without fido than I do about those just wanting to skirt the laws. Rather sit next to a scofflaw than a nutcase. Especially since the animals tend to take after their owners.
Actually, I’ve never had a problem with a dog on a plane. Children much too young or too immature to be flying - yes. Sick people coughing all over the place - yes. But not dogs.

My stepdaughter got one for her dog, but she paid $200 for it online. looks like she got ripped off.