Is SF Chinatown A Dinosaur?


Whoever rents this is crazy.


Agree - and I hope the owner gets that price.


Thanks! I just told my Big Bro about it, since I have driven by this place when it was being remodeled. This is essentially what my family building is like (2 blocks over), but with 3 existing flats but full length basement with no garage. I would love to see him get this rent level. This kind of rent ups the game for our building big time!!! How far is your place from here? I am fairly close to the restaurant corner Mason and Pacific.


Hah, I knew you would find it interesting. About 1.5 blocks away from this.


Once again, there is considerable power coming from Chinatown…




Was it overpriced before?


Absolutely. Per listing history, originally wanted 1.3M. That’s a lot of tea in China (town)…



Main reason is she didn’t pay sale tax for those sales. She needs to report the sale. AFAIK, supplements can be dangerous too. Correct me :slight_smile:


Come on, who hasn’t had that yucky, pitch black soup/medicine drink as a young kid when you had the flu or had the fever???



Here we go…


Not too shabby, sold for 900K!!!


What did I say three months ago…$900K tops.


If @aalj is out there, the building is done apparently… very nice (unfortunately condos)


Niiice. Yep, I pass that every day going to my own (not nearly as impressive) project. Im hoping that this project will shine some glow on my own. :wink: I’ve been busy painting/sheetrocking/doing finish carpentey hence the reduced participation…


Sounds like we all have been visiting Home Depot or some home supply store…


Hah. Now I have a commercial account at HD!


What exactly is the benefit of the commercial account? Rebate or discount? Sounds like you are way more hands on than I have been. My contractor bills me, me pay him…