Is SF Chinatown A Dinosaur?


Not exactly Chinatown, but close enough, sort of, kinda…


That’s two blocks from Polk street so its not Chinatown at all. Squarely Nob Hill.

Thats a weird lot — just looked it up — only 15.5 feet wide. That’s almost 10 FEET narrower than a normal 25 foot lot. (lot 19)


On balance, it seems to me the selling approach was all out of wack. They listed the house for a too-high-price close to the very end (bottom of Sept) of the selling season… given that selling season is the spring and the fall.

A better approach would be:

  • List for a low price in the spring
  • Or list for a low price in Aug, capturing the interests of everyone who got shut out in the spring.

That said, 2018 was not a great year to be selling. Previous owners bought it in 2013 and sold in 2018, so not sure what’s up with that… unless they needed the money.


This is the new coffee shop “Coffee Movement” - that opened on Washington between Powell and Mason. The coffee is actually damn good ---- and good to see new life — getting more and more hipster.


The only reason for me to go to SF is about business presentations, and the Marina area just to take pictures or a video for my folks on Facebook. That is after I eat Pollo Campero on Mission.

Other than that, that town looks like any third world country town. I know they want to preserve what SF was in the past, but Jesus! All those properties, commercial or not, abandoned, barely painted is a disgraceful scene if you ask me, I feel like I am landing back in my country of origin.

And, I was joking about taking my new sport car there. Only an idiot would do that, the abuse the cars take from the neglected streets is enough for anybody with sensible people to call it quits. There’s always a construction thing going on, or an event blocking certain streets, Van Ness for example, it is like running a derby on a rural road.

Take that dinosaur, and turn it into a beautiful city.

That’s all.


Donald Trump for mayor. He’ll turn it around! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I was driving in a bad neighborhood in SF once and ran a red light in front of a cop. He was sympathetic but gave me a ticket anyway


A good advise, if he lived there, and I lived there, I would hide my beautiful wife. Or my daughter. :scream:

And be ready for the torches and “nice people” marching down the streets. :hugs:


Last Sunday, I stop at the street with stop signs, and as you know, first comes, first served, right? So, I go full stop, the guy on my left went in, his turn, then the guy in facing me, nobody else was there but me. So, I proceeded to go, when out of nowhere this police car barely stopped and kept going. He was lucky it was a brand new car I was driving, otherwise I would kept going and teach them a lesson on how authority doesn’t mean abuse.


No need to hide. Can stay with me, I will take care of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: