Is This Actually Good News Or Bad News?

On the one hand, apartment or rental demand should remain robust but who is going to be able to afford our freaking expensive SFHs???

(Full story may be in the WSJ but I couldn’t get pass firewall)

@sfdragonboy One neat trick you can use on WSJ & NYT is that you can google that article title and click the link from Google search result. Bam, no paywall.

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Same topic covered in NYT:

Sorry old news…We worried about making more than our parents in the 1970s…Plus inflation made housing wicked expensive. Sure the BA is expensive but go almost anywhere 50 miles from the coasts and affordability is high…Jobless rates are low across the country…It is the news media and politics trying to divide us and make us miserable…All lies and distortions…News people are just out to make a buck and lying politicians will say anyhting to get elected. …

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For whatever reason (or maybe because I post a lot of their links) when I do the Googling to access the story directly my computer is still eventually denied access (story is grayed out). I will try it again when the opp comes up.

What a nice one !

Divide and conquer. That’s professional politician’s favorite tool.

If the people are happy with the world around them, happy with the people around them, professional politicians will be irrelevant and taxpayers will stop giving them a paycheck.

Maybe that’s why they hire professional protestors to cause trouble and even create nonexistent violence. Many politicians are disgusting, we should get rid of professional politicians. If you do not have a regular job, you will be disqualified.

Similarly media is creating news out of nothing.

They always try to exaggerate, profile and create inequality and find a bogus reason and create a conflict. They want to make life a hell for everyone.

They use all kinds of tricks to induce fighting among us. When they finish their dividing trick, they go home and watch us fighting like animals in the street and profit from our fierce fighting.

This is how the communism took over half of the world. Sadly, the communist’s tricks have been copied by many politicians, activists and media.

They hire a few guys at $8 per hour to demonstrate and protest, take a few pictures and make it a headline. Many of us would get pumped up and tons of bloody thoughts go though our highest mind, and we are manipulated as toy animals.

None of us has time to read the whole article, none of us has time to investigate the first hand event. All of us have ears and eyes but our mind is controlled by a small number of evil minds.

This is the reality of democracy. We are all part of a horrible mob. We are all part of a horrible herd. We are controlled and manipulated, but everyone thinks that he/she has a free mind.

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The great recession set people back maybe 4 years. So you have to compare 30 year olds to their parents at 26.


The psychological effect of the Great Depression lasted a lifetime for many…I think it will take millennials more than 4 years to recover…Plus there is the pesky student loan thing…A trillion dollar drag to their economic well being…

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For some reason liberals seem to have better sense of humor. :smile:

Vote for Bernie and watch your student debt berned away…

Bernie voters caused Hillaries defeat…so basically they elected Trump…well at least according to Hillary…lol

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Hope Trump will create some real jobs for Bernie voters before they become something worse.

Trump just used these angry white working guys as stepping stones. He himself said if he were to run for president he would run as Republican because the R base was easy to fool. And he was right. So kudo on the game well played.

The economy was already chugging along nicely. The biggest economy on the planet growing at >3% is nothing to sneeze at. We will also have a demography dividend all teed up. The prime working age population is (finally) growing again. So literally if Trump just sits on his hands and does nothing the economy will still be fine.

Economy performs the best when the politicians just sit and not mess around the economy. An over zealous politician is the disaster to economy.


The stock market is betting on a huge change in Washington. .Where government agencies like the EPA that have destroyed American industry are reigned in…

After destroying our heavy industrial base in the last three decades, the EPA now is going after farmers and the construction industry…They are on a never ending quest to stop all human activity. …Unless you are a farmer or a contractor you have no idea of the long reach of these 60s liberal wack jobs…And Obama unleashed them without any congressional oversight…