Is This Another Case Of NIMBY Again?




“People are displaced because they’re competing with workers who are subsidized by these large companies. The companies encourage their workers to live closer to their jobs, and they’re subsidizing their rents.”

How are companies subsidizing the rent?


Man, these poor, poor FB workers…where is the hat, let me throw in a few bucks…

Recently, some employees went so far as to ask their boss for help: “Facebook engineers last year even raised the issue with founder Mark Zuckerberg, asking whether the company could subsidize their rents to make their living situation more affordable, according to an executive at the company who has since departed.”


Wild that the best public schools in the US are seeing declining enrollment bc young families can’t afford it here

I am not sure this is really true statement for Cupertino.
Cupertino high is still suffering with over capacity issue as a result of not-well planned high density housing a few years ago.
In my kid school, I am seeing more and more kids moving in last and this year.
As a result, my kid is in combo class because they have half-class-size increase in her grade and one upper this year.
In case of Miller middle, people are going through lottery just to have a chance to take CLIP(Chinese Language Immersion Program) entrance exam. (You must pass the exam to be placed in CLIP).
FUHSD tried to push for boundary change in our neighborhood saying that Lynbrook High and Miller Middle would see sharp decline in enrollment next few years and existing open enrollment won’t be sufficient to bring enough number of kids. However, my friend who applied for Miller open enrollment this year didn’t win the lottery and her waiting list number was 90 (about 450 kids per each grade at Miller).
I suspect school district’s argument was actually to relieve the over-capacity problem of Cupertino high area where most of high-rise development happened.
I understand housing problem in SV. Thus, not necessarily against the idea of high density housing.
However, key point of most residents’ argument is “school and traffic infra structure must expand accordingly”.
Without this, who wants to accept the high density housing development plan?


Good to hear from someone like you who is closer to the situation, @Jane. Again, I am just passing along what is reported for discussion here.


That gets to the core issue. Building housing for people is an expensive undertaking for local governments. They are on the hook to provide police, fire, schools, parks, libraries, etc forever. But because of Prop 13 most households are paying practically nothing. Instead officials get a bunch of angry voters yelling at them.

Why go thru all this while you can build office parks, get tax revenues and spend free money on your existing constituents? Everybody will love you.


Prop 13 should apply to 1 owner-occupied residence only. What is the rationale for applying Prop 13 to rentals, farms and businesses?


Unfortunately, i paid over $20,000 property tax last year. :tired_face:


Of course, i know. :slightly_smiling_face:
In addition, i am always grateful to you for bringing interesting topics here. I really like the person who initiate or create something. You are definitely one of them.


Thanks @Jane! We try to provide a little bit of something for everyone to munch on…

Sorry, about that prop tax bill…I too had to send out 3 of those myself and yes I did not feel like Prop 13 really helped me any either…


OMG, in RWC no less!!!


Come on, Fearless Leader, let’s hear the excuses…

See, at least we in the Fab 7x7 got it approved and will be building it…


Of course, would we expect anything different from Marin???


Marin has been anti growth and anti business for 50 years…Consequently it is full of old dying people…Highest cancer rate in the state…Just too many old people…Downtown Sausalito is dead at night…The land of the Waliking Dead…lol

Full of old women…not suprising since they run the place…Average age 46…The men are all dying off…


Good! Plenty of women! Let’s move there then!

Oh, wait! You said men are dying off? OK…thanks but not thanks! :rofl:




What is more appalling. A blocked view or homeless people dying on the streets? Nimbyes are appalling.