Isn't This Dude Making Us Owners Look Bad?

Don’t do this, owners!!!

Wow, he’s baaaaack…

such an idiot - but hey, he’s billionaire, so probably not as stupid!

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In Nevada, beach access is not open to the public. He just bought in the wrong state.

Nevada? How? Lol

Lake Tahoe
Most expensive beach property is in Incline Village , $60m homes. No trespassers allowed on the beach. Michael Millikan. Larry Ellison . They pay a lot so that the unwashed masses can’t walk on their beach.

I did not know public access covered lakes. I thought it was just coastal.

Lake Tahoe is a federal navigation lake patrolled by the US coast guard. Most small lakes you can control beach access even in California

Obviously not stupid but stubborn and plain greedy. Why would someone honestly block the public from using a beach???

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In Michigan, you only own to the high water mark. That means you can walk along any river pretty easily. If lake levels are low, you can walk along them too.

If his house got on fire, and the only way to combat it is through water, well, sorry, let it burn. No time to be asking for permission. :sweat_smile:

Ok, we can retire this thread…