Isn't This SF Home Overpriced Or Not?

Writer thinks this should sell easily but I am skeptical for these reasons:

  1. no parking
  2. no potential for expansion
  3. pretty expensive on a $/sq ft basis
  4. personally not sold on that general area of Japantown
  5. The coup de gras: the address is 4 Cottage Row. Change that to 8 and maybe you get 2M…

Again, this should give us an up to date snapshot of how the SF market is at the moment. Will people discount the property for those warts or still go ga ga over what is a unique property in the fab 7x7 city?

Avoid anything “historic”…

Well, buyers today simply will not stand for no parking. I don’t care that this city is quite good transit-wise but rich folks want the convenience of a garage. Case in point, a 3 unit building near our family building in Chinatown recently didn’t sell probably for the fact that it had no parking. It otherwise is in a great location (NE section of town, Manch) where one can walk to work in the Financial District, Downtown, North Beach, etc and was commanding fairly good rents from all of the units. Supposedly many people looked at it but balked when there wasn’t a garage.