It Gets Better By The Minute


Really? you consider the person that took the risk of the backlash if the assassination of Bin Laden went wrong to be weak? It takes greater moral strength and courage to want to build consensus and to respect the norms and trust people would put country before party. A test that both McConnell and Trump fail.

I believe Obama is the stronger and better person for wanting the country to be better. There is nothing more I can add because our ethical compass is not in alignment.

btw when the entire Intelligence community and all the EU nations are in agreement and there’s conclusive evidence that the Russians interfered in multiple elections and are even now undertaking cyberattacks on much of the western world, I fail to understand your need to reflexively defend Russia at all times. As someone of intelligence I am sure you understand how cases are prosecuted and you don’t go to trial until all the related parties are indicted and the investigation is complete in order to not pollute ongoing investigations. So it shows a very shallow (or reflexive defense) to use the argument you are making about the Mueller indictments against the Russian troll farms (which have been very well documented even more recently with the Facebook email leaks)


Some unethical person as Marcus pretends to make us believe that anything that happens now is Obama’s fault? Really?

We have Ukraine being the midst of being invaded. We have the very same GOP being hacked by the Russians, and what do we have as a president? A weak, coward, kissing Putin’s hand. Oh boy! If anybody hasn’t seen how he drools when he sees him, he or she is drunk, dumb, brain dead or mental incapacitated.

Bring me any tweet, any real news not fabricated, even from Breitfart where this coward president calls Putin son of a bitch as he calls other Americans. Bring me any topic where he trashes the Russian security agencies as he trashed ours.

Bring me any piece of tweet where Obama insulted a dying human being.

Bring me any insult from Obama to any American, any single American at all.

Bring me any tweet where Obama calls other people son of a bit…

Nobody here or there will bring anything of what I am asking. What the deflecting or troll people do is to bring “well, he meant to say this, or that”. But no essence, no real words insulting our fellow Americans.


Bin Laden was his best moment.

So you think how Obamacare was passed was building consensus and respecting norms?

Did I ever say Russia didn’t do anything? The whole hypothesis that started this was Russia and Trump colluded to help Trump win. That’s despite the fact Russians tried to hack both parties and have since hacked Republicans. That’s despite Trump being tougher on Russia than Obama ever was.

If Mueller had such smoking gun evidence, why did he ask for a delay to starting the trial? Why would the Russians even show up if they are protecting against extradition, and there’s zero upside to putting themselves at risk in a trial?

Now you try to resort to personal attacks about ethical compass. I guess when facts aren’t in your favor…


The invasion of Ukraine started in 2014 under Obama’s watch. You should really pay attention to basic facts. Yemen started in 2015 under Obama’s watch.


Deflect, deflect, Obama, Obama, Obama.

There’s a new kid in the block, and he is dumbing you down. You are a person with no ethics. Period!

Go check that mirror, are you wanted by him? :sweat_smile:

Do you share, or act like him? Are you a wife cheater? You like to call other people SOB?

So, no? Then, what are you defending? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


We are coming Russia………or China. Though I doubt China, they at least support their scientists. :scream:


Just observing actual facts. You’re the one that brought up the Ukraine invasion and blamed Trump. It’s not a deflection. It’s fact correcting your misinformation.


Don’t be a snowflake dude. We are different people with different backgrounds and our view on the right action in each situation is going to be different. It’s obvious from the above that what you consider Obama for being weak is something that I feel he was doing the right thing on. In other words I could crudely summarize that you believe the end justifies the means while for me it’s what you do and not what you achieve.

So it is really hard for us to see things eye to eye where our ethical or moral compass differs. There’s multiple points to these things it’s not binary


Wow. The way you twist things, avoid questions, and pick 1 of a bunch of points to pretend you’re invalidating all of them is amazing.



Cultural issue? Or just stupidity?



Wow, crazy this was happening in Mountain View.

People wonder why we need border security. How about stopping child trafficking. People just assume children’s are traveling with their parents. That’s not the case more than you’d want to know.


I think it’s not develop.



I always love to have my boy here very well entertained.

This poor kid uses the same used and abused “border security” aka wall. Right out of the Russian bot farm.

But he is a literally coward when it comes to speak the truth about illegal immigration. Like saying “the commander in chief takes responsibility”. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Or, you know, thinking of ISIS brain washing an illegal maid to blow the small brain of a lying and racist president. Oh no! How can we think of such incident? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Even if one wants to suggest that by him saying it (accidentally or subconsciously) he must have meant it, hasn’t this gone too far? I mean, one slip or mistake, and you’re fired now? Yes, he is on tv, I get it, but still…


“In the last two years, ICE officers made 266,000 arrests of aliens with criminal records including those charged or convicted of 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes and 4,000 violent killings,” Trump added. “Over the years, thousands of Americans have been brutally killed by those who illegally entered our country.”

Oh, but people say Trump’s a racist for wanting to secure the border.



Yeah, let non-customers use the bathrooms they said. It’s racist to only let customers use bathrooms. Let’s send all employees to sensitivity training. Oh wait, our bathrooms are now infested with used drug needles and all sorts of other stuff.