It Is Time For Another Baby, Manch

You have hope…me and the wifey are too old… I just want one of these cuties one day…

I am still sad about the whole Trump thing. Not much in the mood… :cry:

Come on, just procreate, damn it!!! Our State is relying on you!!! How’s that for added performance pressure? :grin:

Interesting. People are just having fewer kids in general so I’m wondering if it’s really because of housing. Most of our friends with kids don’t own, just rent.

sfdragonboy, I am expecting a baby boy in June. :blush: I was looking forward to having a daughter grow up under a female president, so maybe in 2020…


Having few kids are not because of housing. Is a consequence of the propaganda that having less children lead to better quality of life. Many realize that to be true… become a way of life. Many of my friends are singles, DINK and many only one. They find that having kids interfere with… their lifestyle.

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Awesome! Congrats and thank you for doing your part to save this State…:slight_smile:… On the prez situation, yeah, we will just have to stick it out and hope for the best

@girlguineapig Go make lots and lots of babies! :slight_smile: Children are wonderful!

As to why people are having fewer kids, the housing difficulty is real and well documented. But I also think people are overthinking it. Things will all work out at the end and you will find ways to sidestep or overcome any difficulty at the end. I grew up in a 400-ft condo with 2 parents and 2 siblings so don’t tell me we don’t have space here.

Low birth rate is the result of liberalism. When states get more liberal, birth rate will decrease. Especially, when women get more liberal, birth rate tumbles.

Sorry for the politically incorrect comment, but sometimes people are simply unwilling to look at the reality.

Housing or economic issues are all secondary reasons. There’s a lack of intention to have more kids, not a lack of means.

Liberals have less kids, Democrates also have less kids. Someday, SFBA may start to have a population decline when tech industry matures.

"Extremely liberal (2.5%) – 1.61
Liberal (12.7%) – 1.72
Slightly liberal (11.3%) – 1.58
Moderate (39.9%) – 2.14
Slightly conservative (15.6%) – 2.03
Conservative (14.3%) – 2.34
Extremely conservative (3.7%) – 2.62

Indeed, the fertility gap appears wider on the liberal-conservative spectrum than it does on the Democrat-Republican one. Hail’s results show a white Republican:white Democrat total fertility rate ratio of 2.07:1.76. The white conservative:white liberal total fertility rate ratio is twice as large, at 2.23:1.65."

Birthrates decline when the education rate of women increases. With more women in college than men, expect it to keep declining.

Structurally, the reason for having kids has changed. Kids used to add to the labor pool on the farm. They increased the family income potential. Now it costs a ton to raise your kids (especially if you are upper middle-class or above). There’s a reason the highest birthrate is for those with <$10k household income. Birthrate declines as income increases.


It seems to correlate more with liberal/conservative. Income is not really telling the whole story. Many women from rich families also have fewer kids. Chelsea Clinton has much fewer kids than a Midwestern housewife.

Working women have less kids due to less time.

So it would be more reliable to look at women labor participation and liberalism rate.

@BAGB How many kids do you have? You seem to be the ultra conservative here. So you must have at least 5?

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Are we doomed to follow what has happened in Japan and I guess other Asia countries now???

No, I’m super liberal by national standard, especially liberal socially. I think most people here are in a super liberal bubble and they call other liberals Republicans. Just like SF’s progressives call moderate liberals as closet republicans.

Economically, I believe libertarians have a really good point. Peter Thiel is a well known libertarian in SF.

Liberals had valid cause socially in the past, but now all those causes have been achieved. It feels that liberalism is not useful for today’s world, liberals are becoming old and out of touch. SF’s progressives are mostly old boomers who are getting outdated quickly.

Libertarian is becaming popular with millennials, for good reasons. You can see the uptick in college campuses. The liberal education still has a mark on them, but liberalism has lost its usefulness in real life now.

Millennials are becoming libertarians. First wave of millenial libertarians will be tomorrow’s thought leaders and political leaders. The rest will follow them.

Libertarianism is the future, the hope. Liberalism is the history, the dying old crowd. Liberalism is like a 60 year old, its leaders are mostly 55+, prime candidate for retirement housing.

Let’s see which party will secure the support of young generation of libertarians.

Will the young libertarians take over the Democratic Party?

Will the young libertarians take over the Republican Party?

Or Will the young libertarians make the Libertarian Party a real power?

You can’t say global warming and rising sea levels are a problem and advocate for population growth. You’d literally be arguing against yourself.

People act like a chai king population is terrible. Does anyone think we need more people in the Bay Area to create more traffic? The only downside of population decline is most pensions and social security type programs are ponzi schemes. They require increasing numbers of people to pay into them to cover benefits promised to people currently retired.

Wonder why these schemes are still around.

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Decreasing population has a political and economic impact.

Politically, when more conservative kids are born than liberal kids, it’s not good for liberals. Actually millenial’s libertarian leaning could be partially the result of low birth rate from white liberals. Minorities have more kids, but many minoroties are not real liberals, they are only hooked up by white liberals for the sake of votes.

Economically, decreasing population will create a long term deflation such as Japan.

Germany is offsetting their declining population with Muslim migrants, but the political price is steep.

Between human extinction and a climate change, you can choose.

Do you realize how much the world population has increase over the last 70 years?

I am trying for #3. Meanwhile, my brother and his wife are not having kids. For them, it has nothing to do with housing. They don’t want to sacrifice their independence, travel, hobbies. I love my kids…couldn’t imagine life without them but it is a huge lifestyle change. At least in my experience, it takes a village doesn’t exist much in the bay and our culture has become very child centric so raising kids is a much bigger job than it probably should be. If we worked fewer hours and had stronger community ties, I bet more people would have kids.