It's Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Although, I didn’t know it actually left (around these parts)…

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I see it is coming back as a result last few years home appreciation and DOW is up 20000. As long as stock market is going high, I really do not see any lag in housing market even though lot of homes are listed during Jan/Feb.

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I’ve seen some properties for sale…and for sale and for sale…but no takers.

Ok ,which cities/counties? I obviously live and breathe Fab 7x7, and from what I can tell in my hood (the Sunset) things are moving quite well still. My wife’s friend just picked up a SFH for just over 1.1M ALL CASH… not everyone is hurting obviously…

Here in San Jose. I am amazed they haven’t gotten a hold of this property on Jackson Ave. There are two on that location, one that its sign is a signs of either market cooling a little bit, the season or asking too much, no time to find out, I just don’t care, just for comments.
I also have an information about a 4/2 home that’s coming into the market pretty soon. Next home, a 3/1 sold for $600 8 months ago.

buyinghouse, you did not read this thread. we discussed those parts of the home here.

I have been out of this area for a while, for that I mean out of the sensationalism of the real estate. But the property I mentioned, because I saw the sign with my own eyes, even today, has been there for a couple months.
Alum Rock bus or whatever they call that project, which I hate because the idiots left you going only up or down, no left turn anywhere. This improvement will increase prices on this area.

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