It's getting soft (not that)

The Santa Clara market appears to be losing steam. More inventory and longer Dom. Turning from sellers market to buyers market in the span of 3 months? Time for investors to get in again?

Any hints of price drops?

Sellers like me are stubbornly holding on. Longer market times in lieu of price drops.

No new highs, price not collapsing yet. Americans won’t overbid, is up to foreign money. So, ask European or China’s money what they want to do.

Sold for a bit over list price. Less than I had originally felt. Whatever the case, some one got a great house and we can move on with our plans.
Sold in 16 days as a primary residence.
Thanks for all the great info over the last 4 years I’ve received from the folks in this community

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How much less? Can you share some numbers?

List 849, sold 880 20 day close no contingency. I was originally confident Wed see 900 or more.

$880K eh? I hear sfdragonboy/manch/hanera asking if the buyer is Asian :slight_smile:

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Of course he is. He didn’t like my counter of 888 enough to accept it though. May he enjoy the dust and noise of ongoing road construction

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Lol…you are mean! :smiling_imp:

Thank goodness we sold when we did. Prices have steadily drifted down in our area of Santa Clara. Apparently the flow of off shore cash has ebbed in Santa Clara city. Market is now bringing well qualified normal buyers, who have ridden the stock market wave and have hefty down payments.

We just purchased a home in Japan, cash just like others are doing here. Worst part is getting this fricken exchange rate to normalize, it’s kicking our buying power butt. Market there is a bit more rational, no auction style purchasing. Price won’t drop even.if house sits for 1 year. Good if you have money to buy, speculators are few.
Coming from middle class here to compare, there’s more support for middle lifestyle. Family friendly, safe, homogenous lol.

Best part of my recent trip during the typhoon season, despite the heat, was the fact that you can walk in the rain. Things are green and you don’t smell smoke from wildfires.

Reality check attempts welcome.


International wire transfers suck. How all our cash buyers from overseas do it is a mystery to me. Exchange rates, bank fees, uncertainty…
Usforex made me jump.