Jeff Bezos is the anonymous buyer of the biggest house in Washington

Washington’s Kalorama neighborhood just keeps getting swankier: Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeffrey P. Bezos has bought the former Textile Museum, a 27,000 square-foot property, intending to convert it into a single-family home, according to a person with knowledge of the sale.

Bezos’s neighbors will include President Obama and his family, who are renting a property nearby for their post-White House home as well as future first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, incoming presidential adviser Jared Kushner.

The home — the largest in Washington — sold Oct. 21 for $23 million in cash (a million over its list price) to a buyer described in public documents as the Cherry Revocable Trust. But word about the identity of the new billionaire next door has been circulating around the enclave that ambassadors and Cabinet secretaries have long called home.

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He can buy many houses like this on a whim.

Bezos wants to live next to Obama and Trump’s son in law. Tech moguls are getting interested in politics now.

Obama I reckon will move out after high school for their kids to Chicago.

Bezos sure wwnats a say in Washington if as some say his company is worth 3T in 10 yrs.

I surely hope it does. Then maybe I can buy a mansion for myself… BWAHAHAHA

It’s sad that Obama renta the house and Bezos buys the house.

Will Obama be able to give speeches at 500k a piece and buy a 23M house in 2 years?

Is it legal if Bezos wants to rent his house to Obama for free?

This guy says so.

Yeah. I bought AMZN because of him.

Wow, I like this guy, didn’t know he is a minority owner of warriors as we. Did well for himself from being the first product manager in FB and ditching new York for the bay

This valuation is 10X what AMZN is now, how many here think it will be the case and willing to go with substantial % of net worth in AMZN (atleast majority of their stock investements), is this the AAPL story of @hanera that got more popularity of late in this forum. @Jil @manch ? Be dumb and invest in AMZN ??

AMZN is my second biggest holding, behind FB. I have been rotating a bit out of FB into AMZN in the last month or two. Eventually I want it to be around the same weight as FB. I am that crazy guy who buys more as price goes up. So I will let the price action lead my way.

Most people do :grinning:


AMZN up 0.46%
FB up 1.45%
TSLA up 3.53%
AAPL red

Year end update?