Jessie Smollett not charged

Looks that this case is not over yet. Maybe his family is well connected to state attorney. Chicago mayor is not happy with the result

“ Trump did not say exactly what the agencies will look into, but the Fraternal Order of Police and others have been calling for a federal investigation into State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s handling of the case involving the “Empire” actor. Smollett initially said he was attacked in Streeterville by two men yelling racist and homophobic slurs, but police said he actually staged the assault to boost his career.

During the police investigation, Foxx reached out to a relative of Smollett concerned about leaks, and then contacted Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson. Weeks later, Foxx said she recused herself from the case not long before Smollett was charged with filing a false police report.

Smollett was later indicted on 16 counts of disorderly conduct on charges he staged the attack, but in a sudden reversal Tuesday, prosecutors dropped all the charges at an unannounced court hearing. Foxx insisted she had no role in the dismissal but defended the move, saying her office often handles cases in a similar fashion for defendants with nonviolent backgrounds — an assertion that a number of Chicago attorneys contacted by the Tribune disputed.

Foxx told the Tribune Wednesday she would never have gotten involved if she knew Smollett would later be deemed a suspect and not a victim. “I’ve never had a victim that turned into a suspect,” she said. "In hindsight as we see (how) all of it has played out, you know, is there regret that I engaged with the family member? Absolutely”

Fake hate crime is becoming a serious problem. Usually it doesn’t get media attention, since by the time the truth comes out the media has long since moved onto new stories. In people’s minds, the original hate crime story is still the truth, since that’s what got all the coverage.

Of course, MSM would never track hate crime hoaxes. It goes against their agenda.

Why is this case becoming high profile? Chicago mayor is very mad about it. Was this actor pretty famous before this?

He’s on a pretty popular show. The police are pissed too. The mayor is debating filing a lawsuit to cover the $150k the police spent investigating the fake crime. If the DA’s office was going to drop it, then why go through a grand jury to indict? Do you think any of us would get forfeit $10k bail and “prior service to the community” if we were charged with 16 crimes?

They also ordered the records sealed which only adds to the suspicion.

If there is some corruption on the DA side, what could happen?

Since the mayor is so vocal on criticism, I suspect there’s something going on. However, I can’t understand the DA could be this stupid on such a high profile case.

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Ask the Baltimore DA what happens.