John Burns on Housing

Some quick notes:

  • Home ownership rate will continue to fall
  • Growth is in the Sun belt
  • Shifting from Urban back to Suburban. In fact suburbs are copying some elements of urban to make them hip.
  • Design trends: roof decks and double masters.
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Some more notes:

  1. Baby boomers start retiring en masse. So we will see wage inflation as company compete for workers.
  2. Many older homeowners are renting out rooms on AirBnB. The extra $800 a month is great income.

With that #2 of yours, that is probably why we won’t be seeing massive home owning exodus or downsizing by the baby boomers. Why should they? They can stay in their lovely, large homes that are mortgage free or on low cost loans and then get supplemental income via renting out their empty rooms. With homes ending up not being turned over as much as projected or anticipated, home prices continue to escalate until building catches up, if at all, ever. Condo building tries to capture that housing demand but SFH values continue to escalate. Supply and demand, baby, supply and demand!!!

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Airbnb has no market in suburbs and exurbs. It’s mainly an urban phenomenon.