Just As I Suspected, Blame The Judges!



Yeah, you better sentence this repeater to more time…




poor people does not need to obey law in sf.


It looks like the 9th circuit is getting a makeover. That court has been useless. It’s so liberally biased it’s rulings are regularly over turned.



I flagged a police officer 3 weeks ago to ask him what we can do to get this crazy guy living on one of our streets, leaving a very disgusting scene. Not your regular homeless camp. He told me the things they collect, whether you see it as a trash or to accommodate them to live anywhere is “private property”.

He also told me to thank Reagan por kicking out the insane on the streets. They arrest them, send them to check up, 24 hours later he or she is back on the streets.


Great, gives judges more discretion…


Bipartisan garbage…


Don’t do the crime then if you are worried about the fees/punishment???


Wow, so punishment is dependent on ability to pay? There’s a scary trend now with DA offices. Most of them are openly publishing long lists of crimes they will not prosecute anymore. Especially big cities are becoming more and more criminal friendly. It’s a movement that won’t end well for innocent citizens.

If they don’t charge fees to fund the court system, then how will they fund the court system? Are they going to charge higher fees to those they deem can afford it? Are they going to raise taxes to fund them?


Soon, the rich will have a distinct disadvantage when committing crimes. Who would have thunk it?


Of course, because the judge is getting paid!!!


I guess more crimes are committed by poor people. If rich people stop committing crimes due to high fees, will the court be short of fund?