Lady Gaga on her mental health crisis

We need to mandate an annual mental health evaluation for everyone. If you fail, you stay at the mental hospital so you don’t harm other people.

I am not worried about Lady Gaga going Rambo, but this goes back to the Thousand Oaks gunman. Maybe, we do need to make it mandatory that anyone seeking help with some mental health illness needs to have to turn in their guns until cleared. I wonder if that would pass the courts? The sad part is, the signs were clearly there. We have a veteran, a machine gunner no less, who was essentially crying out for help, had a run-in with the cops and was seeking medical assistance. And for the doctor to have cleared him, I don’t know what to say.

Those laws already exist. The issue is the guy was evaluated and cleared. Police are allowed to confiscate guns.


Ok, so that sounds like a reasonable start. Anybody having a run-in with the law for domestic violence or anger management issues ought to be routinely checked out to see if he/she has bought guns legally or is known to have guns registered. That should be reasonably easy to look up, correct? Current or past military service history raises the urgency of the matter. Hate to make cops become gun gatherers but it is what it is. Yes, a crazed lunatic can still go and find illegal weapons but it seems these baby steps are truly needed.

The doctors who cleared him incorrectly should be fired, pension revoked.

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I think this kind of social monitoring/profiling would be a good area for new AI solutions to help spot. With increasing social data collection and digital health monitoring - it should become practical right?

The laws have existed for years, so what you claimed you want already exists. If you get flagged, you actually can’t legally buy a gun. It’s also a felony to lie on the application to buy a gun. Yet we prosecute less than 15% of those cases.

I get that part of it, but what happens if the guns are already in your legal possession and you have a mental breakdown after? We need to be able to circle back and then take the guns from the crazies legally so you gun nuts can’t come on here and start telling me to “better stay in yo lane, dragonboy”…

You can take them after mental health breakdown. You can also take them after a domestic violence incident. You’re advocating for laws that already exist.

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Ok, enforcement is key. Jaywalking is illegal too, but how many times have we seen someone get a ticket for it?

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There’s already too many peoole in prisons. California lost a Supreme Court case on prison over crowding. We need a cheaper way to house criminals.

How about putting all this new technology to use. Self-sanitizing cells the size of a seat in coach with a combo seat-toilet. Virtual reality helmets so the inmates can “be” anywhere they want. Pedal machine and handrails for exercise and virtual reality interaction. And NO UNIONS overseeing any of it (or all the cost savings is lost).

We need to have death penalty and arrest bad people and lock them up.

Emotional distress is not an excuse for crime. We need to penalize criminals the same way, emotional or mental excuses should not be used to lessen the penalty.

The shooter is “bored but sane”.