Last Of The Affordable Bay Area Cities

Here’s the latest on what are the “affordable” cities left in the Bay. Hurry, investors!!!

Richmond and San Pablo…good luck driving on I-80 when the bullets are flying around.

Now, now, places do change (hopefully for the better)… No one ever said real estate investing was easy. It is called sweat equity for a reason. We all can’t buy in Palo Alto…

Hayward/San Leandro/San Lorenzo = my hunting ground!

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Sweat equity means you bought a shack in a decent neighborhood and fixed it up yourself. It doesn’t mean you sweated every time you heard a gunshot.

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EPA has had some of the best returns since 2009…Stockton seen similar returns since 2011…buy when there is blood in the streets. …For risk takers only… Richmond amd San Pablo definitely have potential

Which of the two is better? Richmond is closer, so is it therefore better?

Richmond is huge, plenty of good areas…Need to to do due diligence. Point Richmond is highly desirable. .El Sobrante likewise…

Thanks @acre! After owning rental property pretty much right out of college for nearly 30 years, tearing down my own house to stud and remodeling it and helping countless friends build their inlaw units, I have an idea of what sweat equity is…


Did anyone check these or buy one of these places???

Always buy fixers… they are where the deals are. If you opted to buy a fixed up home you will not gain as much…

For sure, if you can find them, but these seem to be doing fairly well and they don’t look half bad. On the water…

Anything bought at a premium will look good… :rofl: