Latino (Racial Majority) controlling California Senate/Assembly

Latino is Califonia’s racial majority. White/Black/Asian/Others are racial minorities in the golden state.

According to Latin Post, Latino the Racial Majority, has taken control of California legislature, both Senate and Assembly since 2015.

This will have profound impact on California’s important regulatory, economic and cultural issues.

Latino lawmakers have proposed SCA-5 and other regulations to limit higher educational opportunities for White and Asian minority population, and give latino students UC admission slots in proportion to population, which means that UC campus will be Latino majority as well.

Many Latinos are enthusiastic activists for rent control measures.

It’s a fundamental change in Californian politics, but many Californians did not pay any attention to this major development.

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Seriously??? My kids are white and I’m not worried. If they want to go to college, they will. Can we go back to real estate discussions?

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