Least Fav'ed House in SF


is still going strong… It will have an open house this weekend. Still no address. I’d expect the agent should wise up already. “Hey, how come nobody showed up in my open houses?”

But no.

$1.5M and this house is yours.

Maybe the agent is hoping to buy it himself when no one else offers. Too bad for the seller.

Could be. Yeah, I feel sorry for the seller.

The house-that-shall-not-be-located was delisted without a sale, and is now COMING BACK!!!


Now just compare this new pic with the old one above.

Day and night.

What happened is the old realtor was fired and a new person brought in. Price is a much more reasonable $1,108,888. With that many lucky 8’s this guy is onto something! It also helps it’s listed in the local SF MLS, not the Easy Bay one.

And it finally shows the address. It isn’t rocket science.

Well, with all those 8s, surely this house will sell now right Manch? :grin:

Bees to honey as Asians to 8’s

I think price is still too high. Would have been better at $988,888.88.

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888,888 is even better.

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They just dropped the price. From 1,108,888 to 849,000.

Remember they started with 1.5M? The biggest joke in town!

Uh oh, here we go with those famous last words again… (unless you’re bullish of course)

People are much more picky now, I think. If you have a nice one, I think people will still fight you hard for it. If not, fuuuuugetaabooutiiit…

Behavior of a buyers’ market.


I could use some of that in Singapore apparently. I looked at those websites you suggested (thank you again) and man condos are expensive there!!! Geez, $2000/sq in Sing dollars (granted .74US to 1SingD right?) but still… We definitely aint in Kansas anymore. At those prices, I mind as well just visit there often.

Singapore RE has been declining for two years already. Rents are chopped by a third. This is a consequence of the anti-FT sentiments, government has tightened immigration and employment of FT (foreign talents). In Singapore we refer to H1B visa, foreign talent, Singapore is a small country, can’t be so arrogant :). Hence, plenty of houses for rentals. Now, you see why I don’t feel prices in SFBA are expensive. I believe those come from Beijing, Shanghai, HongKong, Shenzhen, London, Paris, Beirut, Mumbai, and Hyderabad find prices cheap too.

Cap rate in Singapore is also down the toilet, is all about appreciation. You have to wait for the ABSD to be removed before considering buying. Patience. Also, try to buy near MRT.

Ok, if not Singapore, are you still anti Malaysia? That is where my wife’s folks are… I would prefer to be where her bro is (Singapore)…:grin:

FINALLY SOLD!!! Sale price 860K. That’s almost half of its original delusional 1.5M asking price.

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