Let The Games Begin! (Democratic Candidates Vying For 2020 Run)

Yes, Barack’s " best looking attorney general in America" has already hinted but nothing official yet, so until then we will go with official announcements…

Warren definitely has no chance to win. What’s the benefit to run when you have no chance?

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Well, is there a clear cut leader at this early of a stage?

No need for a democrat candidate now.

The clown with his tirade about the wall, no, it’s a fence, no, it’s a metal wall, no, a cement wall, no, it’s a see through wall paid for by Mexico, and taking ownership of the shutdown, then trying to pin it on the democrat’s chest, abandoning the Kurdish to be massacred by the Turkish, giving Syria to Russia, cancelling the tariffs on Russian oligarch producing steel, the lying and baby crying every day, and his “best people” telling the world they are proud not for what they accomplished with his liar president but for what they didn’t allow him to do (illegal things) are enough.

In a few days, you will see real democracy playing.

Why does she have no chance?

After having read her book The two income trap, I’d say she has a much better grasp of what the middle class needs to survive than anyone else.

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Kamala Harris? Crazy…


Trump would literally eat her alive. The whole claiming to be native American thing is going to turnoff a lot of people. She’s just more of the same socialist pushing BS. She wants high taxes on corporations and the rich to fund more handouts.

Warren has no chance to win primary. Many democrats don’t like her. Even her own state dislikes her.

“ In Iowa — or at least in the three Iowa caucus polls taken since Nov. 6, according to FiveThirtyEight’s polls database — she averages 8 percent, putting her in fourth place. She fares the worst in national polls, averaging 5 percent in seven national 2020 Democratic primary polls 2 conducted since Election Day.”

“ Just after Election Day, UMass Amherst released a poll of the 2020 Democratic primary in Massachusetts, and Warren garnered just 11 percent of the sample. That is not good in a state where her name recognition is already high and Democrats are as intimately familiar with her record as any 2020 voter is going to get: Most eventual nominees were already lapping the field in polls of their home states at this point in previous presidential election cycles.”

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In order for democrats to win with no problems, they need a candidate with the following qualities:

Being anti-illegal immigration but hiring maids with no papers to do his laundry and make his bed. :laughing:

Lying, 5 times a day the better.

Throwing himself on top of married wo-men like a “beach”, because s/he is a star.

Cheating on his wife or husband. 3 times much better. With a porno star? Huge bonuses!

Being called a “Christian” but not knowing how to read a bible, nor singing the Creed, which even a Muslim president can. :laughing:

Calling Mexicans-Hispanic people criminals

Mocking handicapped people and all sorts of nationalities and races lacking English skills with “Me want a deal”.

Promising unfounded ideas only believed by the ignorant and cultist followers like a wall paid for by another country. Healthcare, the “I will take care of everybody” in the pot? Great!

Trashing our 17 security agencies while bending over our enemies for a deal in their countries. Elected right away!

Calling veterans no good for being captured.

Calling retired generals “idiots, losers, etc”

Insulting the widows of fallen soldiers.

Starting stupid tariff wars effecting farmers and everyone else relying on other country’s steel or raw materials.

Giving away socialist $12 billion handouts on free money to people s/he hurt himself.

Supporting the killing of the free press reporters.

Promising never to play golf.

Promising to be the “law and order” president with all his campaign managers going to jail :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Supporting white supremacy killing Americans on the streets by calling them “good people”.

Why not throw a stupid tax cut legislation that will cause more debt there? :laughing:

Promising all Americans will get a brand new car and the remodeling of their kitchens with the tax cuts. :sweat_smile:

There’s more qualities, but these are the ones other Americans, with the same “moral values” voted for a person with such illustrious skills.

I am ready to vote with such moral values in my guy!


"Never give in - never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense." - Winston Churchill

Well, fine and dandy, but you forget one simple fact: he won over supposedly better candidates.


Bernie would have won easily. Democrats were more concerned with nominating the first woman than nominating the person that’d win. I’m betting they’ll make a similar mistake in 2020.

Obama was nominated on similar sentiment in 2008. He pulled it off because he’s one of the most gifted public speakers of his generation. He’s a very likable guy. He had so little experience that he never should have stood a chance, but he really excited voters.

The public has become very anti career politicians. Obama, Trump, and Bernie all fit into that. Bernie is a career politician, but he’s always been an outsider going against both parties. The smart move would be to nominate someone perceived as an outsider that’s moderate. They’ll probably go even further left with someone who’s almost or actually a socialist. The irony of that when socialist countries are realizing it doesn’t work and are going further right is hysterical.

We have a good candidate right now doing good things for the democrat party.

The president.

Federal workers, and conservative people out there are watching him opening the government purse to socialist ideas, giving the farmers $12 billion while they are without money to pay for their mortgages or essential things to live by.

But the bunch of cultist deplorable trumpeters, which abound everywhere, are crying, blaming the democrats instead or realizing his ineptitude to get from his own party $5 billion for building the wall.

A wall promised during so many rallies, all paid for by Mexico. :laughing:
Ignorance and idiotic minds flock together. :laughing:

He can’t govern, even with the majority in congress telling him there was no $ for the wall.

He will be roasted by the electoral minds when the times comes by.

Nancy Pelosi, a woman, is sweeping congress with the rags from a racist president.

I am loving it, he can’t stand women! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

The agenda for the house is funny. They want to remove money from politics which is ironic given how big of financial edge Obama and Hillary had. Hillary raised almost twice as much as Trump and still lost.

I’d love to see them attack Trump on climate, since the US is reducing CO2 emissions more than any other country. Meanwhile, many of the countries in the Paris agreement aren’t hitting their reduction targets. It’d be fun to watch data blow that up in their face.

So basically it would be Hillary again!

Or, Joe…

Yup, Pelosi as speaker again shows they lack new ideas.



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Ok, there goes Fearless Leader’s horse…

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Did you see the child man begging for money for a created, a fictional, out of Steven Spielberg’s movie “emergency at the border”?

It was hilarious!


I bet no dumb republican can tell me that wasn’t a dumb promise. :laughing::laughing::laughing: