Let's Add Gig Economy To Our Vocab

Aren’t we all kinda doing this (except @manch or @hanera or others) with real estate as perhaps being your side thing to your main job? I know people who sell on eBay on the side for example. I just like to think of it as having multiple revenue streams. Just keep it comin’…


I thought that was going to be informative not propaganda. How many people depends on their gig economy job to support a family? Aren’t most people using it between jobs or as a second job? If being an Uber driver becomes a primary job, I don’t see how those people buy real estate. There will be even more renters that’ll have to rent with roommates.

Nope, buddy does Uber as his primary means of getting by and to fight boredom. Tech, he has money (sold Millbrae home at a huge gain). Retired and laughing at me still on the wheel running…

So it’s not a full-time job to support a family.

Well, divorced…has kids