Letter of Resignation from the Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commission


If you click on the Palo Alto Online link the comments are quite awful.

Yes, these people are delusional. If nobody can afford to live in PA, and Bay Area in general, our economy will die and our house price will crash down to earth. But old folks commenting on PA Online don’t care.

I posted on another thread how a mixed use project got dragged to mud for 5 years and counting. The old geezers want something traditional looking and reduce (yes, reduce) the mass of the building so it will fit less people, just so it looks better, in their own eyes, with the other Spanish style mansions around it. These people don’t care.

We need the state government to step in. Time to gather signature to force the issue on the ballot.

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I have a few houses in Bay Area and I desperately want our strong economy to remain strong. The super high RE price is actually hurting us. Few property owners understand that.

all of those people just come across really delusional

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PA is unaffordable for the 99 percent. …it is therefore irelevant for everyone except the select few that buy the 500 or so homes sold there a year


Exactly. No point follow PA market.


Except it’s not just PA. Menlo Park, San Carlos, and even RWC have become unaffordable as well. I guess you can always live in EPA…

Stockton is still affordable. .lol

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Some solutions from the landed class:

  1. Live with parents and take over house after they retire:

2. Leave California

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The saying somehow goes like that, remind me of the right meaning…Too many chiefs, a few Indians".

The high price of housing is hurting little Indians, you know, people in the lower class. They are leaving this area same as we saw back then prior to the bubble. Either they couldn’t buy a home or find cheap rent, so they had to migrate to other places. Somehow, without any proof, I believe the more people pay for housing, they less they want to spend down town. It hurts small businesses, and it creates grounds for businesses owners to deny a wage increase, which is needed for them to survive.

I repeat the story of my friend having a business in Cupertino. He had had another business in San Jose so he can relate that the cheapest people he has met are the ones from Cupertino.

My famous saying is that we are living like sardines in a can.
Now that Trump gets into the white house…lol…globalism is going to suffer, so imagine, high price of housing, plus increase in prices of anything? And no wage increases?

Trump will solve the housing problem…there will be plenty of housing when he ships out the 12m undocumented workers…plus the wall will provide lots of employment …of course the economy will collapse and all our food will gave to be imported. …dont worry, he has it all planned out…lol. …He is probably investing in Chilean agribusiness as we speak. …


The sad thing is this isn’t only happening in PA - in Pleasanton on NextDoor almost every post is about preventing this building or that building because it will “ruin our small town”, “we don’t need more housing”, “there isn’t enough water” <<<??? etc. I get that you don’t want your area to grow to traffic doesn’t increase but the economy is advancing and that is the way it works - supply and demand - there is demand for the supply because more people want to move here because there are more jobs and there’s no way you can realistically prevent growth. If you want to live in an area that doesn’t experience it move to the country!!!

Just to point out, Hong Kong has many high density housing yet prices are very high. May be, building more high density housing attracts even more people here thus nullifying the impact of high density housing on prices.

Classic case of people caring more about architecture than their own kids…communities grow or die…My guess is the old guard will have to die off before upzonig becomes significant

That would be too slow for current society.

I agree that we shouldn’t build more sprawling SFH because of infrastructure problems, including water. We should build high density near town centers and transit.

Like I said nothing will happen for a generation. …dont worry about the water…worry about finding a house for your kids, or get politically active…

By that argument tell people to stop having kids / pro-creating - each additional person consumes more water as well

Water is not the issue agriculture is the issue, they use 80% of the water and have no incentive to conserve…you could cut off all the domestic use, 10%, and it wouldn’t make any difference. …