License Approval Question

I am currently looking into becoming a real estate broker in the Bay Area but worried I won’t be able to get accepted. When I was 20, I was at a bar and written up for a fake ID and underage consumption. These were both misdemeanors, and both were expunged/sealed a few months later after completing a divergence class. From what I understand, I still need to disclose this to the licensing board even with expungement. I’m 24 now, so this was a few years back in college. Does this essentially ruin my odds of being able to become a broker?

It is good that you are worried and planning ahead. But, Do NOT adjudicate your case yourself. Apply to DRE and let them reject your application. I do not know what else can you do. Once they reject your application, you can make your case in appeal.

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I’m just apprehensive putting in the work and getting rejected, but I might as well do it. Hopefully it works out

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Maybe you could have a friend call and ask…