Listing price is a joke

Buyer paid 500k more than list price.

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Awesome address calls for awesome low listing price. You know the market is white hot when you KNOW you will get your price despite whatever you list it for. Just too many buyers wanting in!!!

94087 has gone through another level of madness. I’ve no clue on how buyer are deciding the price to bid on it.


I lived in that zip back in 2006-2008. There’s nothing special about it. It actually sucks. It’s full of crappy strip malls and terrible drivers.

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94087 has managed to match Cupertino pricing. Really?!?! I would trade a home in that zip with a similar home in Cupertino in a heartbeat.


You’re not sfdragonboy.
xxx87 is better than xxx14.
868 is as good as 888 :slight_smile:
Radcliff remains the buyer of red cliff.

My bet is the buyer is a Googler came over from China :slight_smile: recently, either from Beijing or Hong Kong.

Wow… dragonboy became dragonfly… :slight_smile:

Dang, hangnail is on a roll…

94087 has now officially surpassed Cupertino:

Cupertino median price: $1.750M
94087 median price: $1.814M

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More like again. My neighborhood said 94087 was higher than Cupertino during the dotcom era (Yahoo!) and Apple is close to bankruptcy. Now, Sunnyvale is THE place love by Apple badges, Googlers and Facebookers.