Live like royalty on $60k/yr

These cities are going to get more and more appealing for those that can’t get a $100k+ job in tech which is 99% of Americans.

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The coasts have always been expensive. Some on the list like Atlanta and Houston are already booming. The other, especially the ones in Midwest like Kansas City and Louisville I don’t see much going for them.

Kind of like the Sprint commercials touting that they are close to Verizon, which of these “second tiered” cities then would really be the one to choose (if one had to)? I am not keen on Detroit… I am thinking Atlanta might be doable (went there for a UCLA Final Four). Seemed ok…

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Sometimes things are cheap for a reason.

I notice nothing from Florida make the list? I am reasonably bullish on Florida, provided you stay away from areas around Miami that’s being eaten alive by climate change.

Not on the list, but with this development maybe Phoenix AZ is the place to be. Surely COL is not that bad there, right?

Generally the West and the South are where the actions are. Yeah, Phoenix is legit.

If you’re the 60% of Americans who make between $21k and $112k household income, then coastal cites are unaffordable to raise a family. Those people all need a place to live, and there are a lot of them. Their numbers dwarf the number of people that can afford a city with a $1M+ median home price.

Manch, how do you like Orlando? Thinking of moving there for non-monetary reasons, would choose Miami but can’t stomach the climate issues. I read Orlando is safer, but how much safer?

A niece of mine moved there. Heard nothing but good things about it. I thought about investing there but decided to stay put in CA instead. I used to listen to the “Real Estate Guys” podcast couple years back. One time they had a guy from Florida on their program. So I downloaded his research report.

Now these guys want you to buy properties there and give them business. So take everything they said with a pinch of salt. It’s also a bit dated, being written in 2014. I think it may be better than nothing, and can jump start your research.

Orlando in the summer is a nightmare. …Cheap to live because of low wages…No barriers to entry for development. …long way from the beach…probably not a good investment on the appreciation side…probably can get high caps but high maintenance costs…

Orlando is the place to develop then leave…Long term hold is problematic. .Of course it you like living there then if doesn’t matter…I was involved in a self storage development we made 50% return in one year and sold…A hurricane happened during construction. .fortunately we just had the slab built…

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And yet millions go to its Disneyworld every summer. It can’t be too bad? Orlando is only about an hour from the beaches. It takes about the same time to go from San Jose to Santa Cruz.

Florida also has a Bay Area, the Tampa Bay Area. That’s another option if people want to move to Florida. I know very little about Florida… :slight_smile:

To me, anywhere in Florida is a nightmare in the summer for weather. If I’m going to be holed up in AC during those months anyways, I don’t care if it’s 95 or 100 outside.

Thanks for the PDF.

Just browsing Redfin, it looks like Orlando area has plenty of expensive option way out of my price range. But on the low end, it looks like you can still get SFH in safe neighborhood, good school district for like $200-$300k. It’s not the fanciest neighborhood, but equivalent neighborhood would be 2x-3x in Bay Area.

What’s the pros/cons between Orlando and the Tampa Bay area? I have a close friend living in Sarasota and he loves it there… and constantly post warm winter pictures to torture us.

Oh yeah, why don’t you send him pictures of our famous San Tung chicken wings? He would be crying like a baby…:grin:

I was there last summer, and almost died walking around in the oppressive heat. Thank goodness lines weren’t too long. During our stay, there was also the unfortunate incident of the little boy being dragged into the swamp by an alligator at the Grand Floridian. As well as the tragic Orlando shootings. Nightmare…

I favor warm climates, but Florida (in summer) is just too much for me. It’s not on the list of “affordable” anyway. I think I would probably choose Houston out of those cities listed; it seems more forward-looking than the others.

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Well for me Orlando has direct flights to extended family, Tampa would not. Tampa also more dangerous for climate change issues at lower elevation. Probably less cosmopolitan too (supposedly, heresay)

I would choose Orlando over Tampa. Orlando is hurricane safe since it’s inland.

My property in Orlando was hit by a hurricane. .You have to design properties there to retain runoff water on site…Flooding is still a big issue even in Orlando…
Charley hit Orlando in 2004.