Live-Work Space Trend

Something you can only do in a high rise condo:

When Joshua Bryan leaves his apartment to go to work, he travels up three stories, to the 40th floor of his building in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood. There, he settles into a workspace with television screens, a kitchenette and sweeping views of Lake Michigan.

For meetings, Mr. Bryan books a first-floor conference room with teleconference equipment and interactive white boards for presentations. The building also has a fifth-floor “Makerspace,” a shared office area with personal computers, a 3-D laser printer and a computerized milling machine for cutting and shaping metal or wood.

The communal workspace is pretty much the reason I chose this building,” says Mr. Bryan, who is 37 and owns the Chicago franchise of Poop 911, a company for dog-waste removal.

Uh, not true. What about this in your backyard? Your own private office or killer man cave…

I’ve seen these. The $/sq ft always seems low compared to if it was home only. I get it makes sense for certain professions. I don’t think you’d get the same appreciation though.

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Any comments from pro self-driving car and telecommuting guys? Telecommuting doesn’t work because humans are social beings. Looking from another angle, what kind of infrastructure would be needed in order for telecommuting to be at least more broadly accepted? Btw, many companies do allow employees to occasionally work from home, and in fact teleconferencing is very useful for MNCs and interdisciplinary projects with members residing in different geographical regions. So I am not talking about those special situation, I was wondering would it ever be ubiquitous?

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Uh oh, the gig is up…(no more loafing around for you home workers!!!)

Why would someone be pro both self driving cars and telecommute? The whole point of self driving cars is to physically commute to work easier.