Looking for temporary accommodation while remodeling home in SF

Dear Fellow RealEstateforumers :slight_smile:

We are looking for a temporary rental in the city or close by as we need to vacate our place during construction starting in Feb. We’re a couple with a small dog looking for a 1bed or 2 bed for about 3-4 months. Furnished or unfurnished is fine.
We’re keeping an eye out for Airbnb/Craigslist already. We would greatly appreciate any leads - please let me know of any specifics that you have or even ideas of where to look. All I am getting from CL is scammers and AirBNB doesn’t show any availability.
Cheers and Happy New Year!!

I’ve never used it but I have friends who have listed on vrbo.com in addition to Airbnb. I went in there and entered your info (2 adults, pet, approx 6 mo period) and voila got some listings that popped up for SF proper. Not dirt cheap (based on the per night rates mentioned) but maybe negotiable since you are staying for a longer defined time???

I am thinking it can be harder right now due to the combination of the start of the new year (more demand due to new school term/semester for some folks), your dog and maybe the SF regulation limits on Airbnb. You should be able to find something I would think if not confined to SF proper. Good luck!!!

I have used vrbo in Hawaii and highly recommend it. Remember to negotiate the price before renting via vrbo.

Oakwood. They’ll do furnished. Don’t know about the dogs though.


I thought about you when reading this…

Thank you sfdragonboy.

I have received 5 replies on a similar language below. All from Craigslist. All too good to be true and absentee and refuses to give an address

We may have a neighbor willing to let us their in-law unit, the dog may be an issue. In the end, we may end up leasing from an Avalon or such.

Geez, I can’t believe how bad some people are…