Loss is the New Black


I also think Apple is a single product company. Amazon will have a much longer life than Apple


Are you influence by media or you come to this conclusion yourself? Could you share your reasoning?
Before iPod, Apple is known as the MacMaker.
In early 20002, Apple is known as the iPodMaker.
Now, Apple is known as the iPhoneMaker.
Apple has been known since IPO as a product or hit company, wonder who planted this idea and is interesting that it sticks. Jeff knew Apple is obsessed with user experience but intentionally implied is product obsessed by defining customer obsession as what he is practicing. Frankly, I find what AMZN is doing is very like (not the business but the practices) MSFT. I find MSFT is very customer-obsessed as per Jeff’s definition.
Media influences people’s thinking strongly e.g. Hillary is sure to win the presidency by a landslide :slight_smile: … someone here is so sure about the outcome that he challenges anyone who think otherwise :sweat_smile: