Lot split

Is lot split allowed in Berkeley and Oakland? I saw quite a few cases of 2 single family houses on one lot. Two houses are totally separate from each other and have separate entrance and address. Is it possible to buy a 2 houses on 1 lot and then subdivide into 2 single family houses?

It seems a simple legal paperwork issue. I do not see any construction work needed, at most a new fence. Also I do not see any reason for neighbors to complain since no new construction at all, everything is the same except the legal ownership

Is it too good to be true?


“Yes” means ok to split lot even in Berkeley? After lot split, it will be no longer under rent control. Does Berkeley allow it? Oakland seems to allow it under some physical conditions and there seems to be no social justice restrictions

Yes means no lot spilt…unless you are politically connected. .Ask the city planner, talk to a local civil engineer

Got it, thanks