Lots of homeless in mv


I started seeing some homeless or beggars in mv. There were none maybe 2 yrs ago, other than usual american homeless / veteran. They looked immigrant.

I am curious qhy the increase.

Note: i am mostly curious, and not being a rich snob.


ventura neighborhood?


no, more like downtown mv - i started seeing many on weekends especially, but see them on weekdays too.


Unfortunately, I think this is the future for downtown areas. It seems city policies only encourage or enable more of it vs. helping solve any of the issues.


Two choices… build up or out. Cities in the BA will become unlivable for anyone but the mega rich without raising height limits to at least 8 stories. The middle class will have 2 hr commutes and the poor will live on the street. Already reality for many.


A few weeks ago, i had dinner with my friend in PA and forgot to make a right turn from El camino to page mill. So, i drove on El camino until 85 exit at night, which i haven’t done for a couple of years or so.
Then, i was very surprised by how many RV cars parked along El camino.
I heard about increasing RV cars in SV but it was my first time to really see them…
Then, i realized that we have no other option but building higher.
However, i also saw many many new apartment complex along El Camino but they look more like luxery condo. Can new highrise alone really solve housing issue for low income families?


Lots of RV on el camino, and in MV i think htey are on shoreline. I see a bunch as i go on in the shuttle.


It’s unreasonable to expect brand new construction to be affordable. Building codes and permit fees don’t allow it. The goal should be to build enough luxury places that it forces older buildings to start lowering their rent. That’s the only way to get to the point of free market affordable housing. Building 1 housing unit per 8 office spaces isn’t even close to an appropriate ratio.


The only way to eradicate homelessness is to increase the national productivity and wealth to such a level where a portion of the population can just get free housing (radically expanding Section 8).


make robots work, so no human has to. why do we need money anyway if we don’t have owrk to worry on, they can build our houses free, and collect food for us?


We could probably do that without spending any more money if we relocate them all to a place like Detroit or Flint. You could rent a multiple houses for what section 8 pays for 1 BA apartment. Maybe we shouldn’t let people who want/need free housing choose where they live. We make them go to where the free housing is the cheapest.


New construction for market rate housing. Section 8 subsidies for the crappy class C existing housing stock… mostly built in the 60s
Existing tenants will move up and out as long as there isn’t rent control. Otherwise they will stay in the substandard places forever. This is how rent control causes homelessness.
My Class C apartments in South Lake Tahoe almost doubled in value in 2 years. Same will happen with my Sacramento apartments… nobody can build for $75k per unit. Those Sac apartments will be worth $150k/Unit by 2020. New will cost $400k by then


Government can not control housing or land costs. In fact everything government does just increases costs and shortages