Man cited for eating pizza at SF bus stop

The citation said the man is due in court Wednesday, but Cutler said the citation would likely be dismissed if the man can show court officials he is seeking homeless services. Her client was cited for violating an ordinance against “eating or drinking in or on a system facility or vehicle in areas where those activities are prohibited by that system,” which can carry a fine of $250.

So unless you are homeless, the law still applies to you…

Come on, where is the Fab 7x7 going to get the moola that turns the city? Everyday, I see a Muni fare inspector give someone a ticket for not paying the fare. How many of these folks will actually pay the fine? Wasting your time…

I was in a chinese restaurant in Nob Hill years ago…The bus driver double parked with a load of people came in and got his order. .Where was his fine?

The problem is, whose quality of life are you talking about?” Cutler asked. “The officer can say, ‘Move along, move along.’ The problem is, there’s nowhere to move along to.”

Fresno, Stockton. …people can move just like I did…give the guy a one way bus ticket

Well, the big sharks that caused the last recession got a bonus after being helped out, nobody went to prison. But you, the investor or the realtor or the loan officer copying their way of living go to jail.

That’s called life in the United States of stupidity.