Manch, For You

when you are out and about and closing out billion dollar deals, one can never find time/place to eat…so what to do?..use this handy national menu from your fav “eating” establishment and call it in for takeout (do they do that?) cuz the world of real estate does not stop…

Open 24/7 and serves cocktails. …Good for insomniacs

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That’s about the only time I eat at Denny’s–after 11pm when it’s the only thing open. Unfortunately, they got rid of their patty melt.

Breakfast 24/7…good on a road trip…Sketchy crowd after 2am…lots of drunks…Dennys in Emeryville was notorious

I had the Philly cheesesteak omelet last night. Not the best in the world but not bad either. :smile:

Update on the Credibility Score Scale for Manch: -2

Facebook user -1
Denny’s frequent flyer -1

Actually, Manch, you remind me of my parents who are the millionaires next door. They go to Burger King with a coupon to eat for $5 while discussing what stocks to buy.

So I’m going to give you a pass on the Denny’s thing, because it’s gotta be healthier than BK.