Manch, Time To Go Fixer Hunting In Vallejo?


How many times have you said that?

As I told you before, I’d unload it for a song today if I had a place for my hobbies. It’s way more pain than anything right now. While there were several opportunities last summer that I missed, I haven’t come across anything suitable since. I might be too late now. My most recent finding turned out to be a bit lacking.

Of course, I’ve found affordable suitable space in Sacramento and Stockton. But they are just too far away.


Didn’t see this posted on here…


Not news. My friends starting buying there with 10% cash flow in 2009…


Somebody here kind of berated me when I said that you have to be a pioneer, a visionary by looking in another areas where nobody is…yet.

Follow Amazon’s warehouses, it’s the only secret I can tell you.


Plenty of fixer’s left. But, some barriers remain:

  1. You’re late to the party and,

  2. Reputation. Most people still thumb their nose when the name “Vallejo” i s mentioned.

  3. Lousy school ratings.

#2 has been true for several decades and won’t change anytime soon. Not with the venerated Benicia right next door.