Market correction - Imminent - 2020 Prediction

This is the first time I am confident about the market correction - but this time it is going to be big appx 20% !

It may be today or few days from now. Market makers prepared well to fire the market. I just loaded with spy puts…Let me see whether I win or lose !

This is the crystal ball you have been asking me.

All My predictions can go wrong (100% on the opposite side), do not take any action based on this post.

BTW: This is for my discussion purpose, but not a stock advice, neither financial advice, Anything you do on stock market, you are on your own.


Will not regret if it goes the opposite.
100% cash out done :wink:

The election is causing uncertainty. But never bet against the market in an election year. Trump is determined to keep the pedal to the metal and keep stocks high

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A picture is better than a thousand words.


Didn’t load up puts. Bought some SPXUs and SQQQs - Btw talking about trading portfolio. NC for buy n hold portfolio - corrections are no big deal for a buy n hold investor. Buy n hold investors only fear permanent loss of capital.

Take note, after the completion of wave 2 (correction), the ensuing wave 3 is a powerful uptrend wave. So even if you didn’t sell now and can hold without being forced to sell, would still be better than someone who sell when can’t bear decline and then hesitate to buy when market is in a powerful up trend.

OptionsPlay seems to be saying something similar in their daily summary

"As the market flashes louder warning signals to the health of this market rally, we are taking this opportunity to reduce our exposure. With the VIX and VXN moving higher despite new market highs, and new negative divergences across the board with market breadth indicators, we await a catalyst to shift the momentum to the downside. "

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Only 76. May take longer than a few days. I don’t think there is enough FOMO yet.

Yes, market will be pricing the uncertainty and it will go to a place where whether Biden wins or Trump wins, it is fine level.

I am not betting against elections, but big banks & Funds are already loaded with protective puts and offensive puts.

I am also loaded with SPXUs and SQQQs and minor 10% on puts portfolio for aggressive growth.

I was expecting it today, but the way it goes, market is moving the fall target next week some time.

BTW: This is for my discussion purpose, but not a stock advice, neither financial advice, Anything you do on stock market, you are on your own.

Good. Tell us when there is enough FOMO. Then I would load up puts :slight_smile:

Of the last 20 days in August, 16 days were positive (6.59% up, UPRO may be 18%) and only 4 days negative. It was continuously up and up, very likely is kind of year 2018 Aug-Dec downfall

BTW: All these are guess work, nothing guaranteed. This is for my discussion purpose, but not a stock advice, neither financial advice, Anything you do on stock market, you are on your own.

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Roger McNamee feels politics have never been this crazy in his life time. So he trimmed his 20+ tech stocks e.g. AAPL, AMZN, BABA, eBay, NFLX, PYPL, …

Cash is KING! Stay safe.

Remind me again when did this fool sell all his Facebook shares?

Is it in OptionsPlay forum (if any) or subscription based OptionsPlay ?

Even today, we have seen both VIX and VXN up along with GSPC and IXIC as third day in a row (until came down evening).

Redditians posted this => “Last time VIX and SPX were both green two days in a row was the peak of the dot com bubble. They’ve never been green together for three days ever”

I have seen this issue every time market is going to drop. Last 11 days, VIX -volatility indicator - was up 60% of the time. Noticed morning (third day) like this.

They (big millionaires/billionaires) won’t sell everything, but as a portfolio management, they will take out certain percentage with tax efficient way, and keep it sidelines to buy at dip. Those people may be spending some 100k-250k on software+consultancy to get all the information.

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That was the message i got in my market outlook email from Optionsplay. I have a yearly subscription and so they do send me daily suggestions and a more detailed weekly spreadsheet of all recommended trades.

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Respect for documenting the trade. Good luck but I hope ur wrong :slight_smile:

could very well be right. i’m so bear but like many, i’ve been riding the euphoria bandwagon via aggressive option calls, put selling, futures, and leveraged ETFs…mostly short term swings. i don’t doubt the short term vix is an indicator but the way market has been reacting to dips, i’m pretty sure it’s prudent to wait for initial drop, let the dip buyers come in for a short rally, then short the market. i also don’t see a big catalyst yet and big enough fomo to take a chance on aggressive put yet like in feb. having said that, i do have a fairly large short position in AAPL…from around 510 area. :wink: i’ll start writing some credit call spread though :stuck_out_tongue:



Similar strategy? Hope we are a small group. If a lot, I feel like :pig2: to be slaughtered.

hah! ok. probably just RHs buying a lot of call options. slaughterhouse is coming for them…very soon but being a :pig2: has been pretty good last 3 months. i’m ready either way.

Have no idea what they are talking about. Leaving this to the TA people here.