Maybe Best To Avoid Vancouver Now?

It would be interesting to see what are those other recommendations. You know how lame our SF Board is. They might catch wind of these and go, yeah, let’s do that here too…

I get it why you may not want to allow a single agent, but isn’t this Big Brother overreaching again?

She says the government will also implement many of the recommendations made by the advisory group, such as prohibiting a single agent from acting for both the buyers and sellers in a transaction.

I just sold my townhouse in Vancouver last April. Lived there for 8 years until I moved to Bay Area almost 4 yrs ago. Market is super crazy especially for SFH and a lot of political pressure regarding foreign money. But they are also scared of burst when that money is out or not flowing anymore. Double edged sword. They are talking about special tax for vacant property now.

Come on, myo, people are clamoring to move THERE and here you are LEAVING…

My big bro wants to buy a vacation place there…dang, I could have introduced you guys and made the 3%!!!:wink:

Where is he looking? 9 months of cloudy days could get you after awhile. But when it is sunny, super beautiful though.

Canadians Realtors are not that greedy. Seller has to pay 6% on the first 100K and only 3% for the remaining amount.

Not sure, he just indicated Vancouver as a possible spot since he and my sis in law love good chinese food. They would buy a place to just to get to that on a consistent basis. They do live in Saratoga and yes he reminds me constantly that the chinese food is way better down there. Yet, he always comes into the city though…

See, I would have only taken 3% from the get go…with a nice kickback of course after closing :wink:

Chinese food is that good in Vancouver? Are you sure? I visited a dim sum in Vancouver when the cruise ported, taste bad. Ok, may not be a good example :smile:

That accounts for at least 5% in the selling prices… (don’t quote me on that one)

Probably not a good sample if you were in downtown (since that’s where the port is) :slight_smile:

Vancouver definitely has quite a few really good Chinese restaurant. The history as I heard was when initial scare of Hong Kong being given back to China, a lot of good Chef who works in 4 - 5 stars hotels also moved to Vancouver and started their own small shops in Vancouver. So you can find a lot of cheap & good Chinese restaurant there. Also a lot of good and cheap Sushi places there too. I know cheap & good is not right combination for Sushi, but it is true for Vancouver.

I miss the city but just not the weather!

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I guess they heard how good the food was…

They now tax foreign purchases 15%. I wonder if California would do that. I could see people wanting a tax on non-CA residents. Then once you’re a resident for x years you don’t have to pay the tax.

Isn’t it violating the Commerce Clause? I don’t think we can make people from Texas pay extra taxes to buy CA property, can we?

People love to tax others, just not themselves…Foreigners cant vote, so stick it to them. .That’s why voters love hotel taxes, rental car taxes…Taxation without representation…didnt we fight a war about it? Florida likes to soak the snowbirds with a different property tax for short term residents. …Cali will do anything it can to grab as much money as it can…

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Again, how is rent control deemed squeaky clean and dandy???

I think it has come up to the Supremes and they said all is fine. But that’s just the price portion. The “you can’t get rid of your tenant” part I have more doubt.

Rent control is a tax placed on those that dont have a chance to vote…It discriminates against new people coming to the area that weren’t around to vote themselves low rents subsidized by landlords that were never compensated for their lost future revenue…Taxation without representation