Maybe Mark Z Will Be Blogging On Here Soon

I see we are now embracing Communist style. Factories in China and the Soviets used to build dorms for their workers. :slight_smile:

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More about what if Facebook and/or others become landlords:

I still think it’s a bad plan. Also, I have a hard time believing Facebook employees don’t make enough to live in Menlo Park and around. If so, just pay them more.

Run a bus to Newark and Union city…it is the logical place for more housing

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They are studying some plans to make more public transit flow through dumbarton. So maybe Newark and union city are in play.

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Weren’t we suggesting this a long, long time ago?

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Of course, a different perspective on Mr. Z’s plans to build housing…

“By one estimate, the actual cost of building a new home in San Francisco, just in terms of land, labor, and materials, should be about $280,000. What you will pay for one is about $800,000. The difference is due to the artificial restriction of the market due to regulations, zoning, and explicit limits on growth.”

Zoning has kept the BA at 7m people instead of the 14m projected without restrictions. .It has been very effective and has benefited existing homeowners and rent controlled tenants…total of about 50% of the population. .to the detriment of everyone else…

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Or Travis…

Rich people love RE. Why doesn’t he pour his money into stock market? Buying S&P 500 with all his money if stock market is superior to real estate in return?

Who’s his investment advisor?

Rich people loves investing. RE is for privacy and entertain their out-of-state rich friends or family vacation.
Don’t think you read correctly.

The co-founder and ex-Uber CEO announced the launch of his new investment fund that will handle his for-profit and non-profit ventures earlier this week and singled out a few industries, which included real estate, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Foolish to exclude real estate, even though the main activities are ventures.

Liquidity mister, that’s what some people don’t understand, liquidity. Also, leverage of your money.