Maybe They Should Try A One House Per Family Policy

Hey, that one child policy in motherland, err, China, did wonders right???

A surprise to me. I vaguely remember that HK market has slowed and was soft. Their government actually invented a policy to work in the opposite direction of the policy maker.

Wow, even HK’s smart officials can not figure it out

Many of these new condos are super tiny, even by HK standard. We are talking about 150 ft. What happened is people don’t have the money to buy higher priced ones, so developers are building smaller and smaller, things that people can actually afford.


HK is a typical case of over population. How is the birthdate in HK? With such a small living space, birth rate could be very low.

I understand that there is a lot of buildable space in Hong Kong but the government won’t let them build on it. Is that true.

All the urban area is fully built out. There is still a lot of more rural area that can be built. Their government has been very aggressive selling land lots so potentially there will be a lot more supplies coming online in the next few years. But still price just keeps on climbing.

HK is popular for rich mainland Chinese people to buy properties and park their money. It’s close by, has strong rule of law, low tax rate and Hong Kong dollar is on fixed exchange rate against the US dollar. But price is now so high even the merely well-to-do Chinese are out of the game.