Metaverse aka AR/VR

Technical hurdles to making AR glasses for consumers include extending battery life, minimizing heat output and meeting people’s expectations for fashion, comfort and price, said Brian Ballard, CEO of Upskill Inc., a maker of AR software for businesses.

Apple has prepared the company and its customers via Apple bands :slight_smile: and clock faces :slight_smile:

Another challenge for companies making AR glasses is dealing with issues such as user privacy and security. Facebook is soliciting feedback from tech experts, regulators and consumers on this front, Mr. Bosworth said. For example, he said it will be important to consider how people might feel talking to or just walking past someone wearing AR glasses.

Mark is determined to break free of Apple clutches in the next battlefield. I may have to reconsider @manch suggestion to buy FB just for this reason.


FB is trading at more than 10% higher :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: my last sold price.

SWOT analysis on U.

Apple AR/VR apps use U!

Essentially need to hold at least 5-10 years for good gains :slight_smile: Not a swing trader’s stock :wink:

Is so obvious? AR/VR is on the cusp?

Current market cap = $28B. 100x = $2.8T. Sure?

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