Mexican immigrant deported 5 times- not guilty in shooting case


The Mexican immigrant who shot Kate Steinle on pier 14 two years ago has been found not guity of all counts regarding her murder. I guess that as good as a twinkie defense.

As everyone already knows he got the gun by breaking into feds car. Only in San Francisco!


I actually just came from there (called in for jury duty). It is a sad day in the Fab 7x7. We let you down, Kate, big time. I was absolutely sure that he would have gotten the lesser charge of manslaughter at least, but not full acquittal. I am frankly ashamed of our city and of what it has become…


That is insane. I guess as long as the bullet accidentally hits someone and kills them it’s ok. That has to at least be negligence or involuntary manslaughter.


dang… only in SFO


Since it dragged on, I guess there were a few jurors who simply couldn’t be swayed. Let’s be quite frank, the jurors did not want to come back tomorrow on a Friday after this long so they simply said, fine, full acquittal. He can technically still get up to a year or two for the single charge that did stick but honestly I don’t know what the jurors were thinking. Yes, it is the burden of the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt but we all know the case was fairly flimsy as it was. Involuntary manslaughter should have been the judgement without doubt. Everyone probably would have accepted that. Not full acquittal!!! Watch, our Prez will chime in!!!


If the killer is a non-immigrant white or black, will the judgement be different? We can not be too harsh, nor too lenient towards immigrant. Same standard and no discrimination

Is SF more lenient to criminals in general?


From the news commentary I am seeing right now, it sounds like the prosecution really, really F’d up. There is NO evidence that the bastard pointed the gun, but that is what the prosecution tried to convince the jury with and of course the jury was not faked out by that and thus decided to go completely the other way. OMG, I could have tried this case better…

Obviously, the city leaders of SF (I will refrain from including Fab from now on because of this…) have sided with criminals. Did SF not have a day to remember the criminal that was shot? Yes, it did.


He only got 2nd grade education, spent all his adult life in prison and was a drug dealer. SF is releasing this type of person on city street. Do you think any good things will happen in this scenario?

Without enforcing federal immigration law, and securing our border, this type of tragedy will happen again, unfortunately.


What ever happened to protecting your own first (meaning, the legal citizenry of your city)? I get it we want to help the disadvantaged, but when it comes to push or shove, shouldn’t we come first???


God, I wish this was at 850 Bryant Street today…


So from now on if you find a stolen gun or something that might look like a gun it’s ok to point it to a crowd and pull the trigger because you are not intentionally trying to kill whoever is struck?


I am sure you have served on a jury (me, at least 6 times now) but come on, it is farce. People don’t want to be there too long and simply want to get it over with. Then, you have the retired civil service lady (ok, could be a guy, but for me it was a lady) who wants to go gung-ho and give the plaintiff a zillion dollars when it really, really was not close to it. It sounds like some folks may not have understood what involuntary manslaughter was and may have been overly focusing on the gun and whether it could have fired or gone off accidentally. Yes, the illegal fired it somehow and even if he didn’t mean to aim it at anyone specific it was behavior that should have garnered a manslaughter verdict. I don’t care what the jury instructions were, quite frankly. Justice was definitely not served today in the UnFab 7x7…


This might be the case that generates a lot of support for the wall. We really are idiots if we don’t secure the border. We’ve declared opioids a health emergency and the 90-94% of them enter the US across that border.

It’ll also make Trump a winner if he cracks down on sanctuary cities. There’s now a highly visible case showing the dangers of the policy.


Oh boy! I’ve never seen this. Mexicans paying for the wall making an opinion on an American forum? Who would have thought of it! :sweat_smile:

“Who’s going to pay for the wall?” …Mexico! Chanted the bunch of delusional voters. Now, they are turned into Mexicans, they are paying for the wall! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Now, not a follower of conspiracies, but we are seeing the entire fabrication. Somebody is paying these people to let him go. I know that guy, he said he knew how to make things happen. Think harder, who benefits from this?

Did we find out about the 2 BPOs hurt 10 days or so ago? Think harder again, who benefits from this distraction?

On the other hand, take it easy. That trial verdict is to get you emotional about something that is based on the law. OJ Simpson again? Where’s the FBI guy being reprimanded for leaving that gun in his car? Shouldn’t he be an accomplice on this?

Oh…wait! Why do you get upset? I can go and on telling you this is OK just to piss you off, but that’s not my style. :wink:

There’s somebody MIA bringing us the usual data that says you shouldn’t react emotionally. :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

Let me think for a minute, I don’t remember his name…hmmmm…his name skips my tongue…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Ohhh…I forgot! This guy is as nut as you can be. Why prosecute him? He is a mental case, he just lacks the green card or the citizenship and he would be just another case of accidental death. We know who just signed a law allowing crazy people to own a gun. This poor guy happens to have broken into a car and curiosity killed the cat, and unfortunately, an American human being. RIP.


A reasonable guess is that this guy will be deported after he is out of the jail. However, he’s been deported 5 times and what will be different this time? Building the wall isn’t a good idea since the cost is high, and the effectiveness is questionable. But what other attempts have been tried so far? I cannot think of any.

We need legal immigrants and some would argue even undocumented immigrants. What can we do to at least keep the dangerous folks from crossing the border?


No reasonable people want to come anymore. They know they have an incapacitated person in the white house threatening, humiliating and insulting foreign leaders on Tweeter, and calling people on camera son of a b…they just imagine what can happen to them if they get caught.


Nothing!!! Come on, if you are starving on your side of the border and you are hearing about the gold mountains in America well what are you going to do, or try doing??? I don’t blame anyone for trying, but our government needs to honestly protect its own, rightful citizens first. If you want to come to this country legally, you have to apply and go through the normal channels. Sorry, but those are the rules.


I am good talking about laws. And I have always said, criminals are not welcome into my family. Nor my neighborhood. They are not by any chance my admiration. I am for law, so, if you want law, you need to respect the court’s decision.

I was an illegal for about 1 year. I came the same way the third lady in the white house came, with a tourist visa and I worked with that tourist visa, same as she did. But instead of working a dark “job”, I gave, or should I say risked by life for this country in something I can’t reveal when I wasn’t even owning a SS#, which I got from the same…well, “whoever department” before I even got a work permit. Did I get paid for my sacrifice?

No! I got the boot instead, it is humiliating when many people see you walking the Miami airport with shackles on your wrists, even when at the interrogation, which is very cruel, you tell them you are leaving. I can’t tell you the vulgarity that was used to scare me into signing for a voluntarily departure instead of applying for asylum, even men would be “what the hell?”.

But I promised the interrogating officer I would return illegally, and he said “why not”, it’s your skin. So, I crossed the border again, without any papers. For 20 years, 19 of them with a work permit I stayed sober and clean, and paid my taxes. I got my chance to get vindicated in court. The system wanted me gone, I showed them what ingenuity and the use of the law means, I beat them in court, on their on turf. I studied the immigration laws, I stayed on top of any topics, until the Chaly Garcia case came about. That was my salvation. Everything felt in place since. And you don’t need an Einstein at your side to beat the system.

I don’t thank the friends who helped me to cross the border that much, something so easy at that time. I thank that immigration officer (being discriminatory but he was a…white guy) watching me cross the beach somewhere, an officer that 2 feet away could have grabbed me and asked me why I was crossing that border. Thanks to him, and of course, those who helped me make it to L.A. I got two wonderful kids, an incredible wife and an kept myself being an honest person, well, if you happen to know, lately, I am defrauding people with my IULs, but that’s nothing. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Just remember, don’t get emotional…Justice has prevailed. The court system is playing its role. The verdict may not be of your likeness, but that’s what you get if you think about it. We have rape cases here in CA, Stanford case, the guy walked Scott free. The judge giving that verdict has people signing petitions to send him packing home. I signed that petition.

Don’t get emotional. Follow the advise of somebody on this forum. You have read him, come on! Some data reading will apease you. Try!


I’ve seen costs ranging from $10-70B. Remember the $800B stimulus bill that was for “shovel ready jobs”? The wall could have been less than 10% of that total bill. It’s funny that democrats used to call for securing the border. Bill Clinton said it. Feinstein said it. Then they turned all PC and lost their nerve.


It is time for San Franciscans to make a choice. Follow the rule of law or let the lawless and homeless take over the City…Otherwise the law abiding tax payers will leave
People forget the mass exodus in the 60s 70s and 80s
When liberals and radicals drove out the hard working middle class…and the population dropped by 100,000 people… Most moved to the Peninsula