Millbrae Rocking The Overbids!


Did you exercise every day for the last decade when you don’t have to work? You can quit everything and just exercise and wait for the magical pill to stop aging


Dang it, @harriet, just take one for the team!!!:wink:


Congrats! Time to upgrade that CRX…


What? How else am I going to get to BART to go to work? CRX stays, but might get a new do (nice paint job)…


For your daily driving safety - the CRX even with a nice paint job won’t do! Maybe with a roll cage…

If your beautiful wife knows how “unsafe” the CRX relative to cars today - buying a newer safer car will top your to do list. Cheers!


Maaaan, stop talking to my wife!!! :grinning:

She is the reason why I have not been driving it to Oakland or the Fremont homes. Says it is unsafe. Sooo, I burn through batteries like heck because I literally don’t get a chance to recharge the battery fully on my daily short commutes. A trickle charging system is not possible since I am parking it outside on the street for now. Dang, those Interstate batteries are not cheap…


Do you have the SI model? the HF mpg is crazy


I’m on the other side of skyline, up on the hill, pacific height but close to portola.


Yes, the Si model with the larger engine, standard moonroof and 4 wheel disc brakes. Yes, that is why I am not remotely impressed with today’s cars. Come on, Honda, you made a freaking car 25 years ago that already got 50 mpg! I expect at least 75 mpg today… (yes, heavier, etc, etc…)


Get on the winning CRV team of me and @wuqijun.


That may be my wife actually…although she has visions of something in that size but more upscale.


Do I hear you say S class? :smile:


I am also in the Honda boat, but not CRV or CRX.

Didn’t wuqijun have different car than CRV last time? When is your Model 3 delivering, @wuqijun?


Honda seems to be the preferred car brand for the millionaires next door type. :smile:


You know it, the name of the game is how much money you can keep in your pocket instead of giving to the German make dealerships…


And you are going to do just that for your lovely wife. True love. :heart:


She’s paying for it…I just found the bigger ticket item…


Early 2019. I will keep my CR-V even after the model 3 purchase. So I’ll have 2 cars.


Trade one in for a wife?


Get a Prius and call it a day… it is a good hedge against all the new electric innovations happening and quick obsoletion. iPhone 5 anyone…