More Lip Service From Lil Kim

Name me one thing, one thing, Ms. Kim that you ever promoted that was beneficial to the mom and pop homeowner of San Francisco?

“We must continue to fight for more affordable housing in every new housing development so teachers, police, firefighters and nurses can live closer to where they work and serve. This alleviates traffic too: If people can live closer to their jobs, they won’t have to get in their cars. And we must make our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians: This will activate our streets, make our neighborhoods safer and our residents healthier. These policies ultimately build healthier, safer and stronger cities.”

You do realize that this line of thought is ingrained in public officials and public policy in CA today? I deal with it day in and day out.

Everyone will live in high density housing in an urban center and can walk and bicycle everywhere so they won’t even need a car. Nirvana achieved.

Field of dreams. Linear thought. Nothing more. But, it has legs and it’s moving. It’s blasphemy to say otherwise.

The one hope we have to interject reason in these arguments is to point out to the advocates for the elderly and the disabled that, if we build these utopian housing and transportation systems that the transit and housing advocates are pressuring the planning agencies for, the elderly and disabled will be losing out on housing and transportation options because they can’t navigate this kind of housing and they can’t walk or bicycle.

Talk about myopic views?