More of the same issue - but with teachers

And according to this story, rents ain’t coming down in the fab 7x7 any time soon…

These stories are just trying to be sensational. SF median house price is 1.4M. Fine. But who says you have to buy the median house? There are a lot of houses cheaper than 1.4M. I should know, because I bought one last year.

How about a townhouse in less shiny part of town for 650K? Can a teacher making 65K afford it? A bit difficult? How about two teachers? Most of us have both husbands and wives working. Why not teachers?

I know house price is high and I personally like teachers. I am all for paying teachers more. And we should whack down the NIMBY’s and build out SF. We should strive for being the Manhattan of the west. But sensational stories like these are not really telling the whole truth.

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Many trend pieces are hot garbage. See: the New York Times article on “the explosion” of women who dye their armpit hair. The trend piece is a form that’s plagued by the “To a hammer, everything looks like a nail” problem. If you begin with any premise and set out to prove it, you can generally find a handful of folks in this world of 7.4 billion to confirm your suspicion.

Melissa Warnke made this statement in an opinion piece about an article on the lack of a sex life amongst millenials. But, its actually a fair comment on “trend stories” and our news media today. Minor studies that result in controversial conclusions where facts are lacking.

That shouldn’t be a surprise if your head (the big one) is buried in a phone or notebook every minute…